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Building a Workable Identity in God

This is a marvellous hope for the ordinary man or woman in this life, battling against the successes of the less moral 'rich' person. The morality-life, then, seems to elude all good-doers and their foregoing of just reward... until at last the truth is finally revealed.

Living a Spiritual Life

Knowing who God is, His love will satisfy our hearts with the peace that only He can give. Having faith, comes when the will of God is known. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. God's plan is for all people to come to salvation through Jesus Christ.

What Kind of Days Are You Attracting?

Do you wake-up in the morning dreading the day, or looking forward to it?Do you tell yourself, "It's going to be a great day;" or, "Great, it's another crappy day!Why did I even bother waking-up?"The way you approach your day, and the kinds of things you say about your

Mirrors and Reciprocity

This article asserts that what we see in the world is a reflection of what is within us.In other words - what's outside is a mirror of what's inside.It then looks at some of the implications of that assertion - as it's applied to sales, to relationships and to morality.

Is Hypnosis a Hoax?

If you hear the word hypnosis or hypnotism, what comes into your mind? Some of you may associate this term as a hoax or a plain stage act and some of you may associate it with a swinging pendulum wher

How to Expand the Favor of God in Your Life

Have you ever prayed to God to have more favor in your life? I sure have and will continue to do so. I have also found that as I pray for more favor in my life, God is asking me to show more favor in other people's life. It is really easy to focus upon what we want and miss out on what God want

Tea Bag & Us

I believe that majority of us have used tea bags at some time in life. There is one very interesting factor about these tea bags that reflects one of the most important factor of our ...

The Psychology of Survival

In the chaos of life after disaster, in order to survive and consider the possibilities of thriving, you must be solid in your mind. You must master the game of psychology because this is the critical junction between weathering out the storm or caving in and giving up to the wolves.

Three Simple Words For Success

I went to a project management meeting last week. The project team apologized and then showed us a quick PowerPoint presentation. Groan. Okay, no big deal - we've seen these before.

How to Quit Smoking With Hypnosis in 3 Simple Steps

Learn how to quit smoking with hypnosis by following these 3 simple steps. You may have tried many different methods to help you quit smoking in the past to no avail. Well maybe the answer sits with hypnosis? If you follow these 3 simple steps you will ensure that you are doing it correctly.

The Power of Patience

On a flight from Dallas to Los Angeles, I sat next to anunaccompanied 6-year-old boy.We played games, talked aboutwhere he had been and where he was going.Periodically he wouldask, "How much longer will it be?"I would look at my watch, andgive him an answer.After what seemed like the umpte