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Christ, Our Sure Foundation

On Judgment Day, God will judge us on what we have done on earth. He will judge us based on how well we build upon the foundation laid by Jesus. We will be judged on how well we brought the Holy Spirit to the world. We will be judged on how well we opened the eyes of the world to Jesus. The good tha

Is Homosexuality A Public or Private Issue?

Legal and political debates surrounding homosexuality sometimes involve the question of whether homosexuality is a public or private matter. People on both sides of any of the arguments can disagree about this, depending on the immediate context, and that can make the debates difficult to resolve.

Orb or Aura?

Spirit Orbs - Pictures of Spirit Orbs

Miracles: What The Bible Has To Say About Them

It was a miracle! How many times have you heard someone say that? Probably hundreds of times. But they don't really mean that it was a miracle – what they really mean is that the event they witnessed was amazing, improbable, or inexplicable.But are there real miracles? Have there been tim

The Intelligent Design of Creation is Revealed

According to website, the stated purpose of Intelligent Design is to investigate whether or not existing empirical evidence implies that life on Earth must have been designed by an i

Satan's Crutch of False Justification: Faith in Crisis

Modern-day Christianity is challenged with the reality that their faith is not quite hitting the mark. Why is this, they ask? This article investigates the deception of Satan upon Christianity and probes into why, absent of God's truth, many believers are experiencing a faith in crisis.

Will the Atlantic Times Address the German Threat?

Congratulations to The Atlantic Times on its first-anniversary issue! As reported by "This week in Germany," the English-language paper was launched "to stop the drifting apart of Europe and America, and especially Germany and America...

How to Find Land in Vermont

Real estate is a valuable commodity all over the United States. Finding land in Vermont requires a similar process to locating acreage throughout the other states. Take into consideration where you intend to find the land you desire. Searching for property near Bennington puts you in the southern pa

Sickness for Disobedience

Also, there is a sickness for disobedience. If I am sinning habitually, if I am continuing in sin and rebellion before God, I can be sick. Case in point, in 1 Corinthians 11, the Apostle ...

"...Do What He Tells You"

The wedding celebration in Cana was in full swing. Joy and celebration filled the air. There was a deep sense of kinship among the guests. There was happy music and spirited dance. There was also ...

Bible Memory Crafts

Teaching children their Bible memory verses can be a chore, but many feel that memorizing Scripture helps children make better choices and changes in their lives. A famous nanny once suggested that adding a little fun to a task can make it a snap. Use these memory verse craft ideas to help children

5 Inspirational Bible Verses for Your Inspiration

Feel like losing motivation and inspiration going forward? Do not be afraid, you are not alone. Everybody feels this way from time to time. What do you need at those times? You do need some ...

Theta Healing - Understanding Rainbow Children

Is your child also your teacher? Was your child born after 2000? Is he or she extremely kind, for example consoling you when you're upset or other kids when they're sad? Would you describe your ...