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Instances of the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

Made infamous by Pres. George W. Bush in his first term of office, the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations was invoked while pitching the 'compassionate conservative' idea of 'No Child Left Behind. The 2001 Act of Congress supported standards-based education reform based on the premise t

Kerala: An Anomalous Case Of Development

While slipping behind rest of Indian State in field of economic growth, the Kerala ranks first in many human development indicators, many of which are on a par with some of developed countries. This u

Anti-Preemption Theory - Does it Hold Water?

Karl von Clausewitz, the famous military philosopher of days gone by believed that if your enemy was building up their forces to attack you at some point in the future by surprise, that you must act and attack him first using the element of surprise to your advantage. In other words, he was talking

Do You Really Think You Have Gone Too Far?

The individuals at a recent board meeting had decided to make use of a speaker phone to accommodate a key member that dialed in on his cell phone. In the middle of a conversation, everybody heard what sounded like a toilet flush. The chairperson asked, "Was that a toilet we just heard flushing&

The Plans Of Rick Perry

Rick Perry is not unique in having this option built in. Politician Newt Gingrich also has an optional system adapted in his plan. According to Gingrich that if Americans think that the plan will lead

How to Stay Safe When Traveling

The most vulnerable time in your life when you are most likely to be a victim of an attack is when you are traveling in an area not very well known to you.Travelers are the focus of many criminals of the world for the following reasons...

Japan and the English Language

When expats first arrive in Japan, they mostly first notice the use of the English around them. Billboards, advertisements, shop signs, album covers and clothes bear all sorts of bizarre and painfully

Political Bigotry At Its Best

One-sided snide remarks of various commentatorsObvious bias towards any comment not of their persuasion

Various Uses for Gas Masks

Technically, gas masks are designed to protect a person's mouth and nose area from all sorts of harmful fumes and microscopic particles. Also referred to as face fitted Personal Protective Eq

Knock Out Short Guy Misconceptions Now!

When a short guy finds himself on the dating sight he is often uncomfortable not because of the environment he is in, but in the way that social media displays an 'attractive' image.