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Canon Digital Camera - A Perfect Match For Anybody's Need

All of the Canon digital cameras are packed with the latest features and of very high quality. In the field of cameras Canon is a recognized as a global company. It offers a large selection of digital cameras of various features and prices.

How to Search for Baby Models

Knowing how to search for baby models is helpful if you are planning an advertising campaign or special event. Most parents probably consider their children to be model material. However, browsing through pictures or conducting a search on your own search may not provide an unbiased selection to mee

5 Tips For Capturing Natural Smiles When Photographing Young Children

It doesn't matter if you are a profession photographer or a parent with a camera, we all know that when kids hit a certain age, the beautiful, natural smiles turn into the 'big cheese' smiles. The child freezes and says, "Cheese!" as soon as the camera comes out. Here are 5

How To Load Film Into The Minolta SRT Camera

Although the Minolta SRT series has been out of production for decades, a whole new generation is learning to love these rugged workhorse film cameras. The first step in using your recently acquired SRT model is to load it with roil of 35mm film. Here is how to do it.

Canon Power Shot SX10 - Specs and Reviews

The Canon Powershot SX10 is Canon's 2008 release featuring a 10 mega pixel, an effective 20x optical zoom with an optical stabilizer lens. It is a highly comfortable still picture and movie shooting digital camera.

Professional Photo Printing

Though technology has given everyone the chance to do things out of their own homes, getting something professionally done can still have it's own benefits. One prime example is professional photo printing.

Digital Imaging - Getting Started Retouching Your Photos

I'm sure by now you're itching to start playing around with your photos in your image editing software, and I'm excited to go through some basic ideas with you, to help you improve on your photos. I'll be using Adobe Photoshop software, but other image editing software will no do

Those One-Dollar Photos - Are They Any Good?

Microstock sites, where a person can purchase photos for just one or a few dollars, invaded the stock photo industry back a decade ago. These sites have increased in number and improved in quality. But the predominantly "general" type of photos at these sites don't fit the bill for mo

Different Types of File Formats - Part III

JPEG compression is efficient due to the fact that several distinct techniques are all brought to bear on the image file at the same time. Although it sounds complicated, thankfully modern computers and digital cameras have no problem handling the calculations. The technique, known as "jay-pegg

How to hire a Photographer Melbourne

Destination wedding as well as other celebrations are much in vogue these days and what can be a better place than in Melbourne if you are in Australia. If you have finally made up your mind to hold u

Digital Still Camera for Video Production

To start with, the picture quality of most still cameras is similar to a camcorder of the same specification. There could be some limitations what the lens concerns, but on the other hand you have a camera, which fits in your shirt pocket. That is convenience.

How Magnifiers Work

Light RaysHumans perceive objects because light rays hit the objects and bounce off. Magnifiers take those light rays and bend them inwards to focus on a point in space somewhere above the magnifier. Think of this tightly focused beam of light as a tightly-packed stream of...

Light Meter Readings for Film and Digital

In order to correctly expose your film or digital CCD there are two variables that must be identified: average reflectance and average light. Unless you have some good reason to meter for other than these two averages, stick meticulously to the method outlined below.

How to Get the URL of the First Image in a Photo Set in Tumblr

Sometimes on Tumblr people post sets of related photos instead of posting them one by one in separate posts. If you're interested only in the first photo, you can get its specific Uniform Resource Locator. With the URL you can embed the photo elsewhere or download the one image.