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What is a Pedigree Dog and Which is the Oldest?

The simple answer is all our domestic dogs owe their linage to the Wolf so technically it can be argued that there are no true pedigrees save the Wolf itself. However, life itself is seldom that simple.

Black Lab Puppies - Discover How To Raise A Black Labrador Properly

Yes, we seem to think that all dogs will eat anything, but that's simply not true, some dogs are finicky eaters-not the Black Lab-they're eaters extraordinaire. A Black Labrador dog will eat absolutely anything, so watch out. They are very easy to overfeed, but don't do it or you&apos

Yorkie Pregnancy Stages

Yorkies are a lovable breed of dog.yorkie portrait image by LynnMarie from Fotolia.comCanine pregnancy moves a lot faster than that of humans. Each week of their pregnancy can encompass a lot of new symptoms as they prepare for a litter. Yorkie pregnancies in particular should be watched...

Dog Breeds and How To Pick The Right One

Dog Breeds come in many sizes, shapes and varieties. This article talks about a few of the more popular dogs. Make sure you thoroughly research dog breeds before buying one. The puppies are always cute and lovable, but they do grow up and require much patience, time and money over the lifetime.

How to Sedate a Dog for a Haircut

While it would be nice if every dog sat quietly without wriggling, twitching, scratching, whining or howling during a haircut, that's simply not the case. New places like a grooming salon are often a source of anxiety for dogs. Add a new person who's trying to cut the dog's hair or nails and the si

How to Make Your Dog Comfortable When Diagnosed With Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death and euthanasia in dogs and cats, according to a September 2008 article in the DVN Newsmagazine. Proper treatment and care may help your dog live many months after a cancer diagnosis. If the cancer is incurable, you can focus on making your pet's last days

Dog Training Tips: How To Train A Dog To Walk On A Leash

Training your dog to walk on a leash is a critical aspect of dog ownership, but it can often be frustrating for both owner and pet. Here are some tips for training a dog to walk on a leash that will ensure you will be taking Fido for walks that you will both enjoy in no time at all!

How to Start a Dog Training Harrisburg Club

Instead of dealing with the travel and cost of dog training Harrisburg, has it ever occurred to you to start your own dog training club? With just a little work, you can be teaching obedience to every puppy and adult dog in the Harrisburg area and not only get your own dogs trained, but also find a

Dog Houses Help You Keep Your Dog Healthy

Dogs also need to have their own place to where they can spend a night of good sleep. Since not all dog owners allow their pet to stay inside the house, the poor animal will have no choice but to stay outside.

Iron Supplements for Dogs

A balanced diet is critical for a dog's overall health. Understanding the importance of iron in a canine diet, and the function of iron in a dog's health, is key in determining whether an iron supplement is needed. Before administering any iron supplements, please check with your veterinarian to avo

How to Breed Bichon Frises

Many dog owners contemplate breeding their dogs at least once. Bichon Frise owners are no exception. With its sweet disposition, intelligence and hypo-allergenic fur, this breed is ideal for a variety of families and can mean a decent profit for the breeder. When you decide to breed your dog, you mu

Feeding Your Pet Raw

By definition, raw feeding is the common practice of feeding domestic dogs and cats a diet consisting mainly, if not wholly, of raw meats, bones and organs. The practice is also often referred to as the BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones and Raw Food), or the raw diet. Proponents

How to Groom a Cocker Spaniel Puppy

Cocker spaniel puppies are naturally curious and can get into everything. They require a throughout grooming at least once a month. Grooming the puppy at an early age will help it become accustomed to being handled as an adult. This can also be a wonderful bonding experience for the puppy and for th

Dog Separation Anxiety And Aromatherapy

The use of aromatherapy can be something to add to your options if your dog shows and behaviours related to separation anxiety. It is not just us humans that like nice smells. Our canine friends do too and can respond to them. Dogs have a much more sensitive sense of smell than we do thus giving som

How to Internally Express a Dogs Anal Glands

Does your dog scoot its butt on your rug and you wonder why he or she does this. Anal gland impaction is frequently seen in all dog breeds and this behavior pertains to signify that there is a problem

How to Rescue Maltese Puppies

A Maltese is a toy dog no larger than seven pounds and their coats are pure white. Taking on a rescue dog can be a big responsibility but with a little love and patience, it can be one of the most rewarding things you have ever done. You can help by being a part of the community that helps foster M