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Can I Get a VA Loan With a Fair Credit Score?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides assistance for veterans and active duty service members in financing the purchase of a home through the VA loan program. Eligibility is based more on service than on financial capabilities.

Will All Your Credit Cards Be Rescinded if You Have a Foreclosure?

Foreclosure significantly damages your credit score, but federal law protects your open credit accounts so long as you make timely payments on them through the foreclosure process and afterward. Keeping these accounts open is an important part of surviving the foreclosure process with some credit in

Can I Wire Money to Mexico?

Because so many people have family members and friends residing in Mexico, the question of whether money can be wired to that country is a valid one. Billions of American dollars are converted into Mexican pesos each year, which means transporting hard cash across the border can be a problem, perhap

Grants for Volunteer Fire Department

Homeland Security and FEMA grants can fund equipment for volunteer firefighters.Firefighter turnout gear in night hitch image by mcsgraphic from Fotolia.comThe Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency are responsible for coordinating and organizing...

How to Open a Non-Resident Bank Account in Spain

If you’re traveling for an extended period of time, making a temporary move or studying for a semester in Spain, you might benefit from opening a non-resident bank account in Spain. ATM fees and credit card fees for using your credit card or debit card in a foreign cash machine or store can c

What Hurts Your Credit Report

The three major credit-reporting bureaus---Equifax, Experian and TransUnion---collect and report credit payment histories, public records and other data most consumers. These credit-reporting bureaus affect many different parts of people's lives. They affect how much interest is paid on loans for cr

Can I Collect Unemployment If I Was Terminated?

A terminated employee can collect unemployment benefits under many circumstances. His eligibility for benefits largely depends on the seriousness of the offense that got him fired. Furthermore, a terminated employee may be denied benefits temporarily if the reason his employer fired him isn't consid

Useful Commodity Tips for Invest in Share Market

Consumers are conscious which commodity market are often very hazardous. They will earn a lot or they may in addition get rid of his or her wad of cash along with only 1 dealing proceed. ...

How To Raise Your Credit Report

A credit report contains all of your borrowing and repayment information from the past seven years. Lenders report the data to one or more of the three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. If you want to borrow money or take out a credit card, the issuer will request a copy of your cred

How to Calculate the Dividends From a Savings Account

If you have a savings account, you have probably seen the dividends from the interest paid to you for the funds in your account on your monthly statement. These earnings are the monies the bank pays you for the use of your money, and it is paid at a set rate each month. The amount paid is generally

What Happens at the End of My Car Lease?

Lease-end procedures differ slightly by bank. Your leasing bank should provide instructions for your lease return ahead of the contract's expiration date. Expect to complete paperwork once you drop off your lease and for the bank to collect and inspect it afterward. Some banks require an inspection

Scholarships for Secondary Math Education Students

Several national scholarship programs are available to students seeking degrees that will allow them to teach high school mathematics. These programs are available from both professional organizations and from the U.S. government. In addition, some states offer programs to support students who are s

Pros And Cons Of Debt Settlement Services

Debt settlement services clearly have some amazing benefits, but in order for you to make a prudent decision about such services, you need to get familiar with some of the cons associated with the service ...

Where to Get Help With Electric Bills in Arizona

When times are tough, help is available to cover utility bills. If you are living in Arizona, you can receive financial assistance to cover your utility bills such as electric. Organizations throughout the state offer help by implenting various programs to help people in need. Although eligibility d

What Is a Log Editor?

After a film or other video has been shot, the footage must go through a period of post production, in which the footage is cut up and assembled in a logical order. Afterward, the film will often be given additional fine-tuning, such as color correction and the addition of new sound. The first step

Advantages & Disadvantages of Electronic Banking

Electronic banking has some advantages as well as disadvantages.banking card in macro image by Alexey Klementiev from Fotolia.comBanking was once a very personal process that required much more time and effort than what it does today. As technology advances, performing everyday actions...

Can You Modify a Home Loan After Bankruptcy & No Reaffirmation Agreement?

Various mortgage modification programs can help homeowners who are struggling to make their payments. The process is complicated, and many homeowners are unable to receive a modification because of the requirements. The options for modification are even more limited for bankruptcy filers after their

Financials Advisors and How They Can Help You

If you are conscious about your investing decisions, you just may find yourself wondering what a financial advisor does. Mutual funds, hedge funds, Roth Iras, and a host of other financial jargon are the norm ...