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Nutrition and a Healthy Liver

If you have HEP-C, you usually don't need a special diet. Just healthy eating habits and not being overweight should be adequate to maintain healthy liver functions.

How Healthy Are Fats?

Over the last ten years, dietary fats have achieved a bad name in our culture. The result of this is that people have started to decrease their intake of fat dramatically.

Efficient Way To Body Building: Gold Standard Whey Protein

Gold Standard Whey Protein is the building blocks of the body are essential in the production of hormones, enzymes and DNA, contributing to cell cycle, cell signaling, produce hemoglobin, which is an important part of red blood cells and immune response in the body.

Nutrition - Some Nutrition Facts and Signs of Lack of Nutrition

Do you know if you are lack of nutrition? This could be the question that most people are concerned about but cannot answer. In fact, our body will send out signals when we do not have enough nutrition; thus, it is good to know what are these signals and what they mean.

Five Reasons That Make Matcha Green Tea Powder Exceptional

Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks you can take to improve your health and prevent diseases. It has been proven scientifically that this tea contains an unequalled amount of anti-carcinogens and anti-oxidants. It ...

Phenylketonuria (PKU) And the Need For Good Nutrition

PKU is a genetic, metabolic disorder which prevents the body from oxidizing phenylalanine hydroxylase. As this chemical continues to build up, mental retardation, sometimes severe, may result, with very few of those with untreated PKU having an IQ over 50. It is important to have a low protein diet,

Health Eating For Busy People

This article describes several tips for eating healthy during a busy lifestyle. Planning meals, shopping trips, and prepping food in advance will all help to set you on the right path to eating right and getting fit.

An Easy, Yet Healthy Way To Lose Weight

A perpetual problem with people and women especially, all over the world is the battle against excess weight. There are hundreds of diet plans and weight loss programs but not any one is totally trustworthy.

Food and Health

Food is necessary for life. When we have not had food for six or seven hours we feel very hungry and we have no strength or energy to do anything and we feel miserable. If we do not have food for a long time we can die of starvation. Our health and fitness of the body depends not only on the amount

How To Become A Weight Loss Consultant

Are you one of those people with a gift for managing your weight? Maybe you struggled with your own weight but discovered how to overcome hurdlers and can help motivate others? Become a Isagenix Weigh

Countries And Specific Types Of Meat

Meat is the oldest nutrient in the human diet. Groups of hunters would gather and go hunting in order to feed the tribe. In the beginning they hunted for cattle and bison, but in time they learnt how to domesticate animals so that they would have a constant source of nourishment.

Sugar: How It Affects Us, and Possible Substitutes

Sugar, whilst tasting pretty nice, as well as being pretty effective at making other food sources taste rather appetizing, is simply not that healthy an ingredient. Excessive sugar intake has been scientifically proven to be ...

Natural Bodybuilding Supplements

When bodybuilding, you need the proper supplements. Natural bodybuilding supplements are hard to find and more than that, the ones you do find aren't good for you. In fact, the problem with supplements for bodybuilding is that they are filled with nothing more than "packing" material,

Ways to Cut Back on Calories and Fat

A healthy diet is one that is low in calories and in fat. One of the most effective steps towards a leaner physique is calorie control.