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Analyzing a Site for FireWise Landscaping

Especially at this time of the year--late summer and early fall, as well as early spring, the ground tends to be a lot drier and wildland fires can start far more frequently than at any other time. Landscaping for wildland fire prevention is a great deal more important in some areas than it is in ot

Insects Found in Compost Bins

Cockroaches can make their way into compost bins.Jupiterimages/ ImagesCompost bins contain organic materials that bacteria, molds, fungi and compost worms break down into rich compost. When insects become aware of the buffet in your compost bin or heap, they often decide...

How to Install an Arrow Shed

Arrow storage sheds are some of the most popular metal sheds around today. They are very economical compared to wood, vinyl or plastic sheds. They are convenient for homeowners to store anything they like and help make space in the garage. These sheds come in various sizes and require only a few too

DIY Lawn Ornaments

Lawn ornaments don't have to look polished and refined. They can be humorous, rough hewn, quirky or strange, and still fit in on the typical American lawn. This makes lawn ornaments ideal projects for do-it-yourselfers of all experience levels. Whether you are working on your first homemade decorati

What Time of Year Should One Broadcast Grass Seed?

Timing is an important factor when planting grass seed because the seed needs the correct amount of light, warmth, moisture and oxygen to germinate. Under the optimal conditions, grass seed will grow strong roots and create a lush, thick lawn.

How to Grow Timothy Grass in a Container

Timothy grass, which has the scientific name of Phleum pretense, is a cool-season grass that thrives in the early spring and the again in the fall once temperatures moderate. Although growers typically plant it in fields for herds or as a crop, you can also plant it in containers as an ornamental gr

Five Essential Tips for Fall Organic Lawn Care

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, it is important to continue organic lawn maintenance even after summer has ended. Depending on the grass type and location, applying fall fertilizer, proper mowing, and clever seeding can help keep grass green through winter and prepare it for dormancy. Follow

Radiant Barriers & Fiberglass Hazards

Installing a radiant barrier under the roof of your property will be one of the most efficient, money-saving tasks you will ever accomplish. Knowing what safety factors are involved in the handling and installation of radiant barriers and the accompanying fiberglass pieces, or batts, is key to maint

How to select and Use Pond Vacuum Cleaners

Terrace fish ponds and gazing pools add style and profit to your garden, and present a tranquil get away from common stress. At the same time, some individuals find that holding his or her pond ...

How to Kill a Laurel Hedge

Laurels (Prunus spp.) are widely grown shrubs and small trees from the rose family. The evergreen plants are used for creating large screens and hedges, given their fast growth rate and dense foliage. The plants are well adapted to growing in nearly all climatic conditions, and they thrive in areas

The Lawn Sprinkler is Leaking

Lawn sprinklers leak from any one of several joints or parts. Many lawn sprinkler leaks require replacement of the entire sprinkler, while other leaks simply call for tightening components or swapping out parts. Whether you have plastic pop-up sprinklers or old-fashioned brass sprinklers, an underst

How to Tighten Barbed Wire With a Come-A-Long

A barbed wire fence is one of the most common types of fences in use around the United States when looking for a way to keep animals in or out of a certain area. When properly built, a barbed wire fence can literally last a lifetime, but there are a few special tools and methods required, not the le

Dangers in Composting

While composting is an environmentally friendly activity that can add nutrients to the soil surrounding your house without great cost or energy, it can also be a source of several dangers that all composters should be aware of before they begin their project. Compost piles should always have a layer

Installation Instructions for Stepping Stones & River Rocks

Stepping stones and river rocks can create a natural path or walkway that complements its surroundings. Many people simply place the stepping stones or river rocks flat on the ground and use them as a surface to walk on, but because these are natural materials doing this will not create a level walk

How to Cement a Post Using Quick Concrete

Wooden and metal posts are used in variety of projects around the home including installing fences, mailboxes and a variety of other purposes. When you install a post in the ground, you must cement the bottom of it. The cement provides a sturdy base that holds the post in place during windy conditio

How to Compost Worms Outside in the South

Creating a worm compost bin in the southern United States is not difficult. In fact, anyone can do it and eliminate almost one-third of average daily kitchen waste while creating nutrient-rich compost for plants and gardens. The compost bin is placed outside in shady areas in the southern United Sta

Information on Kentucky Bluegrass

According to Texas A & M University, Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) is found throughout the United States, but is native to almost all of Europe, Northern Asia and the mountains of Algeria and Morocco.

How to Repair Cracks in a Pool Deck

Enjoying your pool during the hot days of summer can be one of the most enjoyable of warm weather activities. Over time, however, cracks and fissures can form in the concrete of your pool deck, making an unsightly blemish. These cracks can be annoying, but there are ways to fix such bad spots withou

Contemporary Landscape Ideas for a Small Front Yard

Contemporary landscapes reflect the clean lines and industrial materials used for modern architecture. There's an emphasis on functional outdoor spaces that entice people to spend time outside. Gardens are not a priority in the modern landscape; visual interest is provided with sculptures, plant con

How Come When I Fertilize My Grass it Turns Yellow?

A strong, green lawn is a point of pride for many homeowners, and fertilizer is an important part of encouraging healthy grass. When grass turns yellow after applying fertilizer, there is a problem with the health of the grass or the fertilizer used. Identifying the problem is one way to help stop t