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How to Glue Down a Parquet Wood Floort

Parquet flooring comes in convenient tiles that can be glued to plywood subfloors as well as to most types of existing flooring. Purchase adhesive made specifically for parquet floor tiles. General-use adhesives will not bind correctly with parquet flooring material. Follow the directions on the adh

Directions to Lay Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a common addition to many modern homes. This flooring material has the look and overall feel of hardwood, and is more durable and easy to install. Laminate comes in a variety of wood appearances, including cherry, oak, mahogany and cedar. Boards snap together with a tongue and g

How to Insulate Concrete Basement Walls During Construction

Uninsulated basement walls are a major source of heat loss in many buildings. Insulating the exterior of a basement wall is the best way to make it more efficient. Insulating during construction takes advantage of the fact that the basement walls are exposed. Applying rigid foam sheets to the outsid

How to Install a Metal Ceiling

Fitting metal panels to your ceiling will add an individual style and beauty to the room. Today's choices of design run from fancy, busy antique effects to those with simpler, more modern considerations, and enable you to create an overall affect that joins smoothly with the elements in the lower pa

How to Design a Kitchen for Baking

A baker's kitchen has specific needs for work space, storage and food preparation. Locations for spices, flour, sugar and other ingredients need to be easily accessible during the preparation process. Large counter areas are important for cooling racks and cake assembly, and refrigerators need to ha

How to Remodel a Tuscan Bathroom

Tuscan-style bathrooms are warm and inviting spaces that highlight rich woods, wrought iron accessories and warm, Tuscan colors. This particular decorating style is extremely luxurious and has a very distinctive visual appeal. The use of natural materials, in the way of high-end surfaces such as gra

How High of a Fence Is Needed to Keep Deer Out?

A deer leaping through the air is an awe-inspiring sight -- unless the deer's jump allows it to scale a fence that protects your garden, lawn or pasture. Knowing the proper height for a deer-proof fence can go a long way in keeping you and Bambi on friendly terms.

How to Build a Home Kickboxing Ring Out of Wood

Kickboxing originated approximately 2,000 years ago in Thailand, with the martial art of Muay Thai. In the 1970s it became popular in Europe and America as a part of Karate events and was practiced as karate was, on mats on a gym floor. In the late 1970s, kickboxing started to make use of boxing-sty

How to Repair a Composite Roof

The durability, longevity and resistance of composite roofs make them a popular choice. Composite shingles constitute many of America's roofs, according to the Roof 101 website. Composite shingles are a type of organic asphalt shingle composed of paper and wood fibers. Although composite roofs often

Dying Vs. Staining Concrete

Changing concrete from a drab gray to an eye-popping color enhances a property's appearance. To add color to a concrete walkway or driveway, you have two options: dyeing or staining. Choosing to dye or stain concrete may be the easy part, but the options are more complex than picking one over the ot

How to Design Patterns With Ceramic Tile on Bathroom Walls

Wall tile is a key element to bathroom design. Tile can be decorative, or utilitarian, sealing out moisture and water from the walls. If you choose to tile the walls of your shower or bathroom, you may not wish to simply install the tiles in one, simple up-and-down pattern. If this is th

How to Estimate Concrete Footing Costs

When building concrete walls, you'll need to construct footers. These structures sit at the base of the concrete wall, perpendicular to the wall. Concrete footing creates stability for the wall so it lasts longer. Estimating the cost of construction of a footer takes a few minutes.

What Is 1/4-Inch Underlayment for Vinyl Floors?

If you install vinyl floors, you also need an underlayment. It is not a paper or ash felt material; however, it does some of the same things. The underlayment is an important part of your installation because it helps maintain the integrity and appearance of the flooring. Many types of underlayments

How to Seal a Marble Floor Before Installing a Toilet

Marble floors require sealing whenever they will be near a source of water. In bathrooms, splashing from tubs and showers, sinks and toilets means that the floor needs to be well-sealed to protect it from damage. Because leaks beneath toilets and the occasional missing of the bowl can affect the the

How to Replace a Kitchen Cabinet Wine Rack

Kitchen cabinet wine racks are ideal for bottle storage, making use of fixture space rather than having a free-standing rack taking up space in a kitchen or dining room. These space-saving racks give you easy access to you favorite wines and provide a slope to keep the corks moist with wine. Replaci

How to Install SpectraLOCK Stainproof Grout

SpectraLOCK grout is a stainproof grout used on tile and stone installations manufactured by LATICRETE. SpectraLOCK grout offers a unique formula that repeals stains for years on your grout, keeping your grout looking like new. SpectraLOCK gGrout can be used on new tile and stone installations and t

Types of Hard Flooring

Many types of hard flooring are available to choose from.Belur Temple Floor image by Ahmed from Fotolia.comIf you are building or redesigning your home, one of the most important aspects to consider is your flooring. Flooring is a necessity that creates different styles and looks in your...

How to Choose a Backsplash Color

The kitchen is the most used room in many homes. The kitchen is used for cooking, hanging out and entertaining guests. A kitchen backsplash can add some flow to a room that is filled with many different types of appliances and furniture. The backsplash is located just above the counter top and withi

How to Repaint Glazed Ceramics

A good ceramic piece can be a treasured item, but if it is the wrong color, it can look out of place in your home. No need to toss the ceramic piece; instead, repaint that glazed ceramic piece. Preparation is the key and it requires patience and a steady hand, but once you have learned the technique

Types of Sheet Metal Bends ImagesSheet metal bending is a manufacturing process by which ductile sheet metals are formed into different shapes. A brake press or machine press bends metal sheets into different shapes using various bending processes. A punch presses metal into a...