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Why Children Need a Routine

The importance of routine for children is a big topic for stay at home dads to focus on. Getting and keeping kids in a routine establishes many good habits.

Safe Headphones for Kids

In this age of MP3 players, computer games and DVD players, children are using earphones more than ever. According to Dr. Sharon Kujawa of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary of Harvard Medical School, exposure to high-decibel noise at a young age makes children susceptible to noise-induced hear

Do Babies Worry Or Do We Worry For Them?

As adults we spend a lot of time worrying. We either worry about money and finances, the impression we make on other people, our health, our futures, or hundreds of other events in our lives. How young are we when we start to worry? Do babies have the mental capacity to worry?

Changing Negative Child Behavior

Parenting is difficult.We were given no manuals.This article explores ways of changing negative child behavior to make it more appropriate.

Activities for Teen Mothers

Teen parents may feel overwhelmed with caring for a image by Yvonne Bogdanski from Fotolia.comFor a teen mother, managing finances, education and a new baby can be extremely difficult. Most teen moms also continue to need social support from their peer group, some of whom may...

Nursing Goals for a Newborn's Mother & Father

Having a baby involves making many decisions. One choice parents have to make is whether to formula-feed or breastfeed their newborn. It's a personal decision that the mother has to make and, with the father's support, that choice will be the best for their family. According to the World Health Orga

Baby Boomers Road to Health

Baby boomers road to health is becoming an increasingly everyday regime...We all want to maintain the benefits a healthy life has to offer.Baby boomers are no different.However, as we age our immune system becomes more and more depleted of it's ability to protect ourselves against viruses and b

7 Ways to Find Last Minute Holiday Deals

Everyone loves holiday deals, on toys for the kids and teachers' presents. You find yourself scrambling to purchase all your gifts, and have the seemingly impossible task of getting it all done before the holidays. Don't discount last minute holiday deals as a possibility. Here are some id

How to Choose the Best Baby Bedding for Your Nursery

One of the most exciting things for a prospective new parent is getting the nursery set up. This can also be a daunting task. With so many choices, themes, and price options out there, it can prove to be one of the most difficult things when preparing for the birth of your child.

The Values Driven Family - Living On Purpose

Probably the biggest cause of family problems I've seen in over 15 years of counseling is the lack of values.It isn't that people don't know what's important, but that those things aren't important enough to drive their decisions and actions.We're not necessarily talkin

School Holidays: Business As Usual Or Does It Affect Your Work?

There is no doubt that summer holidays can be a challenge given the additional time and responsibility required to look after children. However with some imagination, structure and planning this change of routine can be smoothly navigated. Keep your energy levels up and through planning and flexibil

Toddler Activities to Promote Socialization

We all want our children to grow up to have healthy relationships with their peers. Socialization is the process of teaching our children how to navigate social situations, from using good manners to sharing. Socialization does not take place overnight or even over months. The process starts at infa