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Dry Eye Causes And Remedies

Dry eye is a condition that tends to occur on a regular basis and it may cause itching and irritation. Chronic dry eye is not uncommon and it may eventually lead to vision impairment. If ...

Causes of Kyphosis

Kyphosis is a condition wherein the spine becomes ill-formed. The truth behind the illness is due to different reasons. One of which is a case of genetics. Postural kyphosis is also a common reason and ...

Primary Immunodeficient Conditions and Their Classifications

As the name implies, these are clinical conditions or pathological states involving the deficiency of the immune system. They are mostly independent diseases with the same or common syndromes of immune system deficiency. Since the immune system is quite a complex one with different cells participati

Kidney Stone Symptoms in Women

Kidney Stones have been the challenging thing to take care of, thinking about that the volume of people suffering this disease is increasing. Usually the boys are liable to this flattering disease but since the ...

Thyroid Eye Disease - How Will TED Affect Your Eyes

Your thyroid gland controls many body processes, such as the rate of metabolism. This butterfly-shaped endocrine gland manufactures and secretes thyroxin (T4) in response to the release of TSH from th

The Back Pain Pandemic

Back pain is fast becoming the number one ailment in our society. There are practices that give effective relief. However, judging by the statistics, there hasn't thus far been a truly succes

Diabetes Type 2 – a Lifestyle Disease

There are 2 types of diabetes, Diabetes type 1 and type 2: Diabetes type 1 is called diabetes of youth commonly up to 30 years of age; adults and elderly diabetics fall into the second type from 40 ye

What Is Impetigo and How is it Treated?

Impetigo is a condition where the skin gets affected due to a bacterial infection. Impetigo is highly infectious and usually affects children between 3 to 6 years of age. The onset of the infection can be diagnosed by the appearance of small red blisters around the mouth and nose which later break o

Effects of Bulimia Nervosa

Effects of bulimia can be divided into long term and short term side effects. Also you can then subdivide the side effects of bulimia to correspond with the system or the organs bulimia affects: e.g.

Why Do Scabs Itch So Much?

People usually get scabs when they fall down and scrape their knee or other parts of their body. The blood platelets then coagulate and bind with fibrin to cover the cut, according to Over time, the wound will heal and the scab will start to itch. There are several reasons why scabs

The Diagnosis and Treatments of Acute Orchitis

Acute orchitis is usually caused by hematogenous infection or by infection of lymph. It might emerge with many kinds of acute infectious diseases. For example, during the course of epidemic parotitis,

How to Solve The Health Care Fiasco in The U.s

For many years the U.S. has been struggling to enact a workable health care system. Will we find an equitable solution to this age old dilemma? This article presents a suggested direction to take that

Foot Fungus Treatment That Works - What You Need to Know

When you go out to the beach with your family this summer and bury your feet into the sand, it should be merely because of the pleasure of having the sand tickle your insides and not trying to conceal the irksome fungi infection but you better beware. Tinea or Ringworm as it is popularly known is th

Reducing Your Cholesterol Level - Why It Is Important

There has been so much noise about this dreaded substance (cholesterol), yet very few people really understand what it is. So here is some light on this stuff. Cholesterol is a waxy substance present in ...

Circumcision for Babies in Bangalore

While you've just had your delivery and its time to go back home with your little son, you might just have to make an important decision before you leave. Should you get your baby circumcised

5 Quick Tips to Prevent Acid Reflux

Most people know it as heart burn. Heart burn has become so usual that people no longer think of it as something really serious; but that is where they got it wrong. Heart burn or ...