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How to Texturize Hair to Remove Bulk

People who have thick, bulky hair that grows in a "pyramid" shape may seek options to reduce the bulk in their hair. While an experienced stylist can give you a good cut to minimize bulk, you can also rely on a chemical texturizer to do the job. A texturizer works to loosen the curl in curly hair an

What Are Black Opals?

Black opal is the most valuable and expensive variety of opal. Black opals contain a dark blue or black background with striations of iridescent color throughout. Scientists discovered black opal in Australia in 1903 according to the Smithsonian Natural Museum of Natural History.

Clip in Hair Extensions

Unlike the old days, today's modern hair extensions are available in many different styles and can be attached using several methods not previously available. One of the more popular styles today is the clip in extension, which basically allows you to leave your normal hair in tact without the

Styles of Pocket Watch Cases

Before the second half of the 17th century, it was fashionable to wear watches around the neck. To suit their prominent position, these early watches were given ostentatious cases -- the case being the outer part which protects the movement. Then, around 1645, waistcoats were introduced, and the wai

Zac's Slick Blue Tie

From High School Musical favorite Zac Efron's skinny ties to his tailored suits, this is one Disney star that could teach a kid a thing or two about style.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors was one of several designers who showed black and white looks in fashions for spring 2009 during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York.

2009 Summer Fashion

2009 Summer Fashion. DIY fashion presents free ideas for a trendy summer wardrobe.

I Don't Want to Wear YOUR Perfume

Perfumes are scents that are meant to last a long time. The chemical fixatives help the scent cling to your body and clothes - and even transfer from one person to another.Most of these chemicals are harmful to your health.Read about an alternative.

No time to shop?

No time to shop? Whether you're a busy exec or a tired-out mom, you can learn how to shop faster (and smarter) to pull together a great look in less time.

Considerations When Buying Hair Clippers

What to Ensure Looking for Hair ClippersPlenty of people handle their hair with greatest value regardless of their specific gender. It will not be referred to as crowning glory if it doesn't serve its essential purpose. This explains why there are a lot of people that wouldn't mind paying

Natural Way of Removing Hair

If you want to remove hair naturally without using smelly depilatory creams or high-tech laser treatments, there are a few methods for your consideration. Waxing, sugaring and threading are natural, time-tested ways to achieve good temporary hair removal results.

How to Attach Stampede Ties to a Cowboy Hat

Stampede strings are a set of long strings that attach to a cowboy hat at the point where the top and brim of the hat meet. The strings are worn under the chin to prevent the hat from blowing off when on a running horse or when out in the wind. It is called a stampede string because it prevents the

Instructions on Making a Tea Tree Oil Dandruff Shampoo

Moisturize your dry, flaky scalp with the benefits of tea tree oil by creating your own anti-dandruff shampoo at home. Combining tea tree oil with other various essential oils can help you tame dandruff and eliminate flaky skin. Tea tree oil shampoo can also help you get rid of pesky lice and ticks.

Plastic Surgery: Do The Risks Matter Or Are The Benefits More Important?

Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery, as the name suggests, is performed for aesthetic reasons. Although certain medical conditions might suggest the need for reconstructive plastic surgery, aesthetic plastic surgery is primarily carried out to alter and beautify features that the patient finds unappealing

Hairstyles For Round Faces

Having a round face can be difficult to choose a hair style, but it doesn't have to be so tough. Here are a few excellent hair-styles for round faces, such as smaller styles and cuts for the locks.

How to Tie an African American Wrapping Scarf

African-American women wear headpieces, head wraps and headgear for a number of reasons, one of which is to look stylish. The African head wrap, or the African-American head wrap, can be tied in a number of ways. There is no single, correct way to tie it -- you can use your own preferences to create

Adenosine for Hair Growth

The behavior of hair follicle stem cells are controlled by the skin's papilla cells and their cytokines. Androgens affect the synthesis and release of these cytokines, thereby affecting hair growth. Adenosine's role in hair growth involves the stimulation of these cytokines.