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Vegetable Gardening in the Winter

Many gardeners look forward to the arrival of spring and for the chance to get outside and start gardening again. They take the winter off from growing and planting, and instead use their time to plan for the spring, summer and fall harvests. Others, however, continue their vegetable gardening throu

How to Keep Your Garden Manicured All Year Round

A well kept garden is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. A beautiful garden will require some effort and work on your part. This article provides some top tips on how you can create and maintain a manicured garden all year round.

Carbon Filters and Hydroponics - Increasing Your Yield!

Air purification is a critical element for a healthy grow room and carbon filters should be used whenever it is possible, to ensure the best results. Almost any terrestrial plant will grow using hydroponics as long as the required nutrients are artificially added to its water supply.

Toad Houses For Green Gardening

Toads are beneficial to your "green" garden as they are the best means of natural pest control.Providing a safe and comfortable environment for toads will attract them to your garden and make them want to stay.

The Myth About Composting Citrus Fruit

I'm fascinated with the myth about keeping citrus fruits out of your's pure baloney! Your compost pile will love citrus fruit waste, so please make sure you throw it in there. I believe this myth came from vermicomposting, and even with that you can still add it in small quant

Three Gardening Forks That Are Good To Have On Hand

There are basically three garden forks that every gardener should have on hand. They are a broad fork, a pitch fork and a manure fork. Each fork serves a specific purpose and each fork can make your gardening tasks easier.

How to Dig Holes for Trees in Hard Soil Without a Jackhammer

Planting trees requires digging a hole for the tree roots so that the root ball is properly positioned and the roots have adequate room to spread. Hard and compact soils such as clay provide a challenge to digging a hole. Instead of resorting to a jackhammer to break up the hard soil, a mattock, a c

Hydroponic Gardening - The Right Ways to Start It

What is hydroponic gardening? Have you heard about it? If not, this article will enlighten you with some little but useful information and tips on how you can start one on your yard.

5 Best Herbal Craft Books

Making crafts with your herbs is a large part of what keeps many herb gardeners coming back to their hobby. Here are 5 herbal craft books, for plenty of wonderful gift ideas.

Books About Bonsai Trees

Beginning Bonsai: The Gentle Art of Miniature Tree Growing Larry and Shirley Student

A Wheelbarrow Full of Gherkins

It's pickling time. If you enjoy pickling or have to preserve your own produce, this is the season for it.As an Ex Farmer's Wife I had ample opportunity to fill my larder with preserves, among them sweet an sour gherkins. If your crop is only a few pounds at a time, it's easy to deal

Gardening Book - A Great Source Of Useful Gardening Tips

You needn't catch hold of your aunt who wins the neighborhood best garden ribbon or read up loads of thick books on gardening to come up with the best blooms; you can do all this on your own without bribing or even threatening to poison beautiful flowers in your neighbor?s garden if they don?t

Homemade Bird Seed Feeders

A birdfeeder is a great addition to any yard. Not only do you benefit from the flocks of beautiful, colorful birds, but your yard will be filled with beautiful songs. Birdfeeders are incredibly simple to build and low maintenance year-round. With a few supplies to build it and store-bought birdse

How to Look After Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbird feeders are small devices that hold a sweet nectar that will attract hummingbirds to your yard and nourish them. They are designed to visually attract the hummingbirds as well, often featuring flower shapes and bright colors. Hummingbird feeders require maintenance and cannot simply be s

Predators in your grow room

Some indoor growers have been using predators for years to control the plant eating insects that cause us all trouble, predators are basically insects that feed on the little sods that do the damage t