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3D TV or Not 3D? That Is the Question

Sure, we had moved on from the red-and-green paper glasses of the '50s but the only movies that were in 3D were short nature films and interactive rollercoasters in themeparks. To shoot a $200 million sci-fi blockbuster completely in 3D just sounded insane. However, shoot it he did. The post pr

Buying Games, CDs and Films Online Saves a Lot

Having a home entertainment collection takes some effort to assemble just the right equation of games, CDs and films. For many people, this collection grows from watching papers and television adverts for special offers and bargain sales, relying on opportunities like these to shop from store to sto

The Hero Archetype in Hollywood Movies

The Hero archetype is often found in Hollywood movies. Most of the examples are easy to spot in superhero and action movies. Archetypes served as a symbol that everyone can recognize. The appearance of a hero character symbolizes hope and ideals that the society needs. Everyone wants to be a hero, t

The Art and Science of Independent Film Financing

The art of film financing can be difficult for some filmmakers because they are looking at their potential movie from a creative perspective. Making movies is a business. Filmmakers need to package their movie with investors in mind.

Find the Best of Hindi TV Serials: 2013

In a country which is dominated by Bollywood, the television is the closest medium through which we can find entertainment. With a large number of channels solely dedicated to Hindi TV programs, the television is ...

Passengers - This Movie is Unique

I found this movie very interesting,though it was generally negatively received by movie critiques. The plot starts with a plane crash with very few of the passengers surviving.

The Beautiful, Buff Linda Hamilton

Although she was one of the stars in one of the most popular movie franchises of all time, Linda Hamilton is also very well known for her time on TV. Linda Hamilton trivia will show that she was born in 1956 in Maryland, and that she has an identical twin.

Julie Chen on David Letterman

Julie Chen appeared on David Letterman last night, and despite the high hopes of fans for some hints about who exactly would appear on the show, Julie Chen revealed very little. After admitting to watching the Letterman Show every night, She discussed changes with CBS, her own love life, and describ

A Review Of National Treasure

It's a story about a treasure hunter is in hot pursuit of a mythical treasure that has been passed down for centuries, while his employer turned enemy is onto the same path that he's on.

"Saturday Night Live": Obama's Bootlicker

Question: What's the difference between members of the Democrat National Committee and the cast of "Saturday Night Live?" Answer: Not much, except that the people on the DNC get paid a lot less than the ...

Training A ProfessionalAudition Dancer

frequently taking sensible, thorough ballet category. there's no substitute for this. If you're at a studio that cannot provide you with a minimum of four days weekly of fine dedicated ballet categories

Download Movies To Zune-Scam Or Real?

There are many zune downloads sites out there in the market but you may be wondering which are the ones that score well in terms of usability, pricing, etc.

Who does what voice on 'Futurama'?

Who does what voice on Futurama? Read this cast list to find out who gives voice to Fry, Leela, Bender and the other characters.

How to Build a Movie Marquee Box

The fun in watching a movie incorporates the entire experience of seeing the actual movie and being surrounded by the theater venue complete with a movie marquee with the title of the showcased film, a popcorn stand and cushioned seats. Many movie buffs extend the "movie experience" to their home mo

How I Got Paid to Learn From Will Arnet and Alec Baldwin

I know quite a few actors who refuse to do extra work. If you live in L.A., it can be more difficult to get principal acting jobs (if you do extra work) - because most Los Angeles agents and managers do not take actors who do extra work very seriously. However, in many other parts of the United Stat

'Rob' Profile

Get the info on CBS' Rob Schneider sitcom Rob.