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Biography of Robert G. Benson, author of The Fascinating Hobby of Vinyl Record Collecting.

Choosing the Best Way to Teach Yourself Piano

If you've decided to teach yourself how to play the piano there are plenty of resources available to help you.Here are some pointers to help you choose the best method to use.

Things To Remember When Composing A Club Song

With planning and creativity, a club song can be your one-way-ticket to being a popular music maker. Below are a few helpful things to remember. Get a beat - The beat makes your song cohesive and for some genres of music, like dance, will determine how excellent the song is on the whole.

Is Professional Mastering Worth the Price?

Over the years, the recording industry has changed considerably. The Beatles recorded their first album in one afternoon, yet five years later, it took them months to do the same thing. Some bands spend weeks and weeks in the studio, spending a fortune on recording just one song.

Learn The Acoustic Guitar Best Ways

Learning the acoustic guitar is a very wonderful thing. It requires no electricity and is very relaxing and peaceful to play. There are a few different styles of acoustic you can learn, to name a few pop, folk, blues, flamenco, acoustic tapping, percussive playing etc.

July 26 in Music History

Births, deaths, events, charts, recordings, concerts, and more on July 26 in oldies rock and roll music history. From your Expert at


The history of and story behind the Beatles' fifth album, 1965's Help!, including charts, session info, trivia, and more for all of the album's fourteen tracks. Written and compiled by your Oldies Guide at

How to Teach Yourself to Play an Electric Organ

There are a few different types of electric organs, all of which are versions of electronic keyboards intended to sound like traditional pipe organs. In popular music, the Hammond electric organ is widely used, while classical organists may play on digital organs at church or with orchestras in a sy

Music Festivals in Pennsylvania

Just pickin'acoustic guitar image by Jeffrey Zalesny from Fotolia.comWhen summer comes, Pennsylvanians of all ages party as if they are teenagers. Music festivals in the Keystone State draw hundreds of thousands of people, and feature musical styles ranging from German polkas to rock to...

Finding The Right Guitars, Lessons And Resources

Have you ever thought of learning how to play a guitar? Guitar lessons teach you the basics of playing guitar. These lessons have all basics that will help you in playing guitar in a flow. People who are expert in playing guitar also rely on guitar lessons. This is for the purpose of acquiring new s

MySpace Musical Discovery - Matt Jones From Albuquerque

As a seasoned musician, The Real Matt Jones will knock the socks off his listener through his stories.Although he might be labeled as a pop artist, there is no doubt his lyrics and music come from a place of depth and passion.

Best Way to Pick Monster or Beats Headset Over

In the event you stroll or perform, you wish to hear very good music. The music with the soul that constantly keeps moving and if you wish to acquire some fantastic good quality headsets for ...

Ipad Firstly Abjuration By Apple - Flourish Your Imagination

There has been an accruement of speculation about the substantive promulgation of the Apple iPad and the Public are such exited for it to impact the US big business in the next couple of months. Due to the chamber orchestra of iPad a bounteous storm has come in the internet profession world. It is a