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DIY Projector Screen

A home projector screen can bring the large-format element of the big screen into your living room, but a manufactured screen may cost more than you want to spend. There is a solution: you can build a screen yourself. With minimal materials and a small investment in lumber and screen material, you c

How to Use GPS Phones

Instead of getting a separate GPS system for your car, you can now simply buy a cellphone that is equipped with a GPS feature. GPS phone services are fairly easy to use and convenient since all you have to do is hit a few keys to get where you are going. You can receive a call or text in the midst o

What Is the Frequency Response for a Subwoofer?

When you're shopping for a new subwoofer, one of the specifications you will encounter most often is frequency response. This information helps you understand how the subwoofer will fit into your existing system, and helps you make an educated purchasing decision. When considering a subwoofer's freq

How to Attach High Impedance Speakers to a Low Impedance Amplifier

Speakers are rated for their electrical resistance or impedance in ohms. Amplifiers are rated for their power output based on the ohm rating of the speakers they'll be hooked up to. In some cases, you may have an amplifier that is designed to produce its maximum power when connected to speakers that

How to Figure Out What Kind of BlackBerry Curve You Have

Knowing the type of BlackBerry Curve you have can be essential when selecting compatible updates and applications. The BlackBerry Curve comes enabled with its phone data through its "About" feature so that you don't have to take too much time figuring out the model. Once you know what Curve model yo

Installation Instructions for a Decora Telephone Jack

Installing a jack for the Decora telephone product line made by Leviton Manufacturing Company is the same as installing any other standard telephone jack. Color-coded wires coming from the telephone outlet box are wired to their matching terminals on the jack. Learning how to install a telephone jac

How to Hook Up a Samsung LED Ultra Slim TV

Samsung's Ultra Slim category is a line of premium HDTVs that use an advanced LED backlight to achieve a thinner and more efficient profile. Despite a thinner profile, the TVs aren't significantly different from other models. Setting up an Ultra Slim TV is a simple task.

How to Mix Wispy Vocals

Good songs don't just materialize, they need sufficient work from an audio engineer to sound the way they do on your CDs or iPod. The nightmare of an audio engineer is mixing weak vocals, because only so much can be done. All in all, the quality of a mix is dependent on the quality of the recording,

How to Use a Phone LCD

Modern mobile phones feature an LCD, or liquid crystal display screen. The screen is used to display important information such as a caller ID and the phone's status. Smart phones use the LCD to show email messages and productivity applications. Multimedia-centric cell phones can utilize the screen

How Do I Unfreeze an MP610-4G?

The MP610-4G MP3 player may freeze during normal operation of the device, preventing playback of your media files. The control buttons on the MP3 player do not operate when the device is frozen. Coby designed the MP3 player with a reset button that restarts the device when the software freezes. A pa

Storage Capacity of SD Cards

SD cards come in a whole spectrum of different sizes, allowing you to purchase one with as little or as much capacity as you need, whether you're using it for digital snapshots or HD videos.

Problems With the TiVo Audio

There are quick fixes available for the audio problems experienced when you watch TiVo.full hd lcd tv image by mattmatt73 from Fotolia.comTiVo is a device that records television programs for viewing at a later time. Input your entertainment preferences and TiVo selects programs with a...

How to Pack a Domke

Tiffen is a New York-based company that manufactures an array of camera equipment and accessories. Tiffen's Domke line of products includes camera bags, backpacks and other such items. The bags are designed to hold cameras, lenses, filters and lighting accessories. There's no one right way to pack a

Wiring Recommendations for Surround Sound

Before setting up your surround sound system, it is important to consider how you will arrange the wires in your home. While you may want to contact a wiring professional, there are several different wiring options from which to choose.

Canon S5 Compatible Flashes

There are a number of flashes that will work on the Canon S5.dSLR camera flash mounted as a slave image by dinostock from Fotolia.comThe Canon S5 was released by Canon in 2007. The compact digital camera is designed to be a bridge model between the entry level point-and-shoot cameras and...

What Are the Benefits of Rechargeable Batteries?

There are benefits to rechargeable batteries.battery image by Sergey Juchkov from Fotolia.comRechargeable batteries can be used in everyday devices such as remote controls, radios and cameras. They not only are much better for the environment than disposable batteries, but they can...