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How to Take Cubase Tracks to Another Computer

Cubase is a piece of music software which allows you to create, record and mix your own music. As music created with Cubase is your own, it cannot be found anywhere else -- for this reason, you may wish to back it up on another computer. The easiest way to transfer files between computers is by usin

How to Bring Foobar Into the System Tray

Foobar2000, also known as Foobar, is a free multimedia player for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It provides a variety of features, including multiple audio and video format support, a customizable user interface and disc copying options. When users minimize Foobar2000, it is typically shown o

How to Repair Errors in a Registry Database

The Windows Registry is a centralized configuration database for the entire Microsoft Windows operating system. A corrupt Windows Registry results in a negative impact on the performance of the operating system. You can use the command-line application "Scanreg" to diagnose and repair errors in the

How to Set Up XP with a Boot CD

If you're having problems with your Windows XP operating system, or if recovery is not an option, or if you need to do a clean reinstall or if you're simply upgrading to XP, you'll need use an XP boot CD. It's easy to obtain and requires minimal technical knowledge to install on your computer.

How to Repair a XP TCP/IP Stack

TCP/IP is the protocol set on which the Internet and most modern Local Area Networks run. In early versions of Windows, the TCP/IP stack could be uninstalled and reinstalled by the user. Since the protocol set is considered a vital component of Windows XP, the user cannot uninstall the stack. Howeve

Microsoft Registry Repair Tools

Repairing the Windows registry can end rage-inducing image by blaine stiger from Fotolia.comThe Windows registry is a database of all the settings that affect Windows. It covers the interaction of files within Windows itself and the other software on the computer and...

What Is the Difference Between XP Home & XP Pro?

Windows XP Home and XP Professional look and feel very similar to casual users. The operating systems are essentially the same, but the Professional edition ships with a few extra security and network features not available in XP Home.

How to Fix a Windows Vista Print Spooler

The print spooler is a Windows component used to store data into memory for printing. This component runs as a startup service. If you are having problems printing documents within Vista, the service may be need to be enabled or restarted.

Tips & Tricks for Improving the Performance of Windows XP

Slow start-up and performance are common signs of reduced performance on a Windows XP computer. Most often, the problem is related to excessive storage, viruses and too many programs or applications. With some regular maintenance, you can keep most problems at bay and keep your computer...

How to Find Available Printers

No matter what kind of computer you use, there will be times when you need to get those documents out on hard copy. When you do need to print your documents, it is important to be able to find the list of available printers--and that means printers physically attached to your computer and printers a

What Is Sleep Mode in Vista?

Sleep mode is a means of saving energy on your computer. When you click the appropriate button, Windows Vista puts it into an energy-saving mode called sleep.

How to Change Folder Permission for Windows XP Professional

Windows XP Professional is one of the most popular computer operating systems on the market and is used widely in business and finance. Windows XP contains various user safety and customization options, including the ability to alter the security and access rights on files and folders. This can prot

Windows Marketplace FAQ

Windows MarketPlace was a website that sold Microsoft-branded hardware and software. In 2009, Microsoft transformed MarketPlace from an e-commerce site into a Microsoft reference site. It also closed down Digital Locker, which acted like a storage locker for software purchased on the site. Also in 2

How to Disable Task Manager in XP Home

Windows XP Home does not have a group policy editor to make access restrictions for user accounts. However, nearly all settings that can be configured within the group policy editor in Windows XP Professional also can be configured manually within the registry of Windows XP Home. You may wish to res

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death

The blue screen of death is incredibly frustrating. Windows gives you an option called Safe Mode for whenever there is an internal Windows problem on your PC that needs to be resolved such as the blue screen of death or the display driver setting resolution is so low that you cannot navigate through

How to Erase the Sites From My Address Bar

Your address bar in your web browser keeps a history of the sites you have visited, and this can become a hassle when you type in a URL and the address bar is filled in automatically or the list drops down to give you suggestions. For some, this feature can get annoying. Luckily, you can get rid of

How to Get a Microtek Scanner to Work in Vista

Microtek scanners let you transfer paper documents and photos into your Windows computer for archiving on discs or sharing with others via email or the Internet. The devices require a driver that tells your computer's operating system how to process the documents or photos. You can even connect a ne

How to Remove Sprinkler Deposits From a Window

When water from a sprinkler lands on the windows of your house or car, the water usually sits on the surface until it evaporates. If your water contains a high concentration of minerals, the evaporated water can leave behind deposits on windows. Hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesiu