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Breast Cancer Gene Testing & Therapy

Breast cancer is a malignant growth that begins in the breast tissue. Breast cancer is more prevalent in women, although men can get it too. After skin cancer, breast cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer in women, according to the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research.

Journal Article: Risk Factors

Cancer research - journal article. Comparison of Risk Factors for Colon and Rectal Cancer. January 2004.

Slow-Thyroid Foods to Avoid

Slow-thyroid foods include soy products like tofu that contain isoflavones.tofu mit buchweizen nudeln image by Lucky Dragon from Fotolia.comSlow-thyroid foods should be avoided by people with hypothyroidism or low thyroid. Also called an underactive thyroid gland, hypothyroidism can lead...

Folate's Role in Rectal Cancer Prevention

Research published in the journal Cancer Causes and Control found that consuming at least 475 mcg (micrograms) of folate each day reduced rectal cancer risk.

What Is the Asbestos Trust Fund

Asbestos fibers product use, demolition work, building or home maintenance, repair, and remodeling during the disturbance of asbestos-containing materials could be released into the air. Drinking water from natural sources or from asbestos-containing cement pipes ...

Colon Cancer: When Medical Treatment Failed He Turned to Herbs

Dass was diagnosed with colon cancer. He underwent a surgery followed by chemotherapy. Soon afterwards he had a recurrence. A second operation was performed. The doctor suggested that Dass undergo more chemotherapy. He declined and opted for herbs instead. It has been almost nine years now and Dass

Asbestos, Asbestos Exposure, and Mesothelioma - An Overview

Mesothelioma is a real concern for many people worldwide.Since it is most often associated with an exposure to asbestos, you should get as much information as you can as early as you can if you are worried you may have been exposed.

Treating Cancer, The Big Problem

Oncology focuses on the many forms of cancer. It includes detection of cancer, the treatment of it and support for the patient and their families.

Diet and Prostate Cancer: Is There a Link?

Diet and lifestyle may not be magic. But diet offers hope for the prevention of prostate cancer. While lifestyle may influence an individual risk for developing it. So what you don't know about diet can kill you.

Breast Cancer Prevention - How to Get Ready For Your Mammogram

A mammogram is one of the safest ways that is used to check if there is any problem with the breast of a woman. It is actually an x-ray of the breasts, as it involves in using a special and very low dose x-ray machine taking pictures of both breasts.

How Can Cancer Be Diagnosed?

Cancer diagnosis can be done by the following methods such as laboratory diagnosis and clinical diagnosis such as the features or pictures of the cancers such as it is symptoms which means what the patient ...

Reduce Your Chances of Getting Cancer Immediately

Cancer is becoming one of the leading causes of death in the world. In fact, before 2020, there's a huge chance it will overtake cardiovascular diseases. However, interestingly, about a third of the total cancer deaths are not related to genes or other hard-to-control factors.