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How to Redeem City Miles Earned on My Visa Card

Using a credit card can allow you freedom that you wouldn't have while paying in cash, such as being able to purchase something expensive without having all of the money in the bank at the time of the purchase. Credit cards also often come with rewards programs that will give you prizes depending on

Making Card Payment Processing Easier

If you think that there should be ways to make card payment processing easier then you may be one of the many people that do not remember the old ways of card payment processing. The old version had you take your plastic card to the store clerk and they placed the card on a machine on top of a piece

What Factors Make Up a Credit Score?

Credit scores can have a huge impact on your financial affairs, housing options, career, even your insurance premiums.Although the specific formula credit rating agencies use is a trade secret, you should understand the basic components and how you can achieve the best score possible

The 8 Best Iphone Apps For Managing Your Credit Cards

Your iPhone can do so many different things. But if you're a budget-minded individual who is trying to keep from drowning in debt, you want apps that do more than make funny noises or display cat videos. Like, say, an app that lets you manage your credit card accounts.

High Interest Credit Cards

Most high interest credit cards are usually easy to get, if you have had bankruptcies, judgments or just have a bad credit rating, high interest credit cards might be the only option.

Finding Bad Credit Car Finance the Easy Way

There are a variety of financial companies out there who will cater for people with a bad credit rating or no credit rating at all. These companies will have special deals, offers and loans to supply you with the car financing you need.

Prepaid Debit Mastercard - The Benefits

In a day and age that's ruled by technology, and with time becoming a more precious commodity than ever before, convenience seems to be more important than ever. More and more consumers are drawn to the convenience of using credit or debit cards rather than cash or checks to pay for purchases.

Credit Score- Five Simple Steps to Protect and Improve Your Credit Score

A credit score is a somewhat of a complex mathematical calculation that assess many types of information in your credit file and then rates you based on the results. Lenders, insurers and employers use your credit score to help determine whether you qualify for a particular job, mortgage, auto loan,

Get Your Credit Straight!

One of the most important things to remember in wealth creation is your credit rating is important. If anyone tells you it's not, it is very likely that they are credit challenged. The reality is, ...

What Are Two Credit Reporting Agencies?

Credit reporting agencies provide consumer credit information to companies and other lenders so they can decide whether to lend money to a particular consumer. Consumers should be aware not only of what a credit reporting agency does, but which agencies are the major players and what responsibilitie

Ways To Alleviate Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt causes some big problems in today's society, due to the fact that the cards are very convenient and can instantly satisfy our needs.It is never a good thing to spend money just because you have it available on plastic, but the unwise use of credit cards can lead to the overspen

Free Prepaid Credit Card

Recently, banks and their credit card related policies have come under the scanner with some of the more questionable methods banks use to try to collect outstanding credit card debts making the headlines. The use ...

Resume Tips for Accountants

Accountants record, monitor and report on all aspects of their employers' finances. Accounting specialists can find niche roles in payroll accounting, accounts payable/receivable, internal auditing and others. The field of accounting can be highly competitive, as experienced accountants and finance

Credit Repair After Bankruptcy

If you have fallen on some hard financial times, you may be looking into repairing your credit.Sometimes unfortunate circumstances follow that old clich that "trouble comes in threes" and all three cause you to go under financially.Maybe you were laid off from your job, injured, or got inv