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How to Build a Career in Illustration

Now is the best time to create a career out of illustration. Based on the report of Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2008-2009, there will be an increase of demand of up to 16 percent for illustrators between 2006 and 2016.

The Average Salary of an Insurance Claims Manager

An insurance claims manager assesses insurance claims for payment and addresses concerns related to those claims. An insurance claims manager is also known as a claims adjuster, and he must carefully examine insurance policies to know whether to approve or deny claims. He must also make decisions ab

What Corporate America Wants From Employees

Insights I've Learned From Top Corporations As a keynote speaker, I work with 70-80 top corporations each year and they are always telling me exactly what they want and need from employees today and usually ...

How to Write a Construction Cover Letter

There are a variety of jobs in the construction industry you can apply for. If you are willing to apply for any job in this field, you need a professionally written resume and a perfect ...

TeleSource Center Hiring for Account Representatives

January 26, 2011 – 6:39pm PST TeleSource Center announced today that it will be increasing its base of Account Representatives by 10 to 20 percent in the next six months. Due to growth from both new c

Online Tutoring -the Excellent Way Of Learning

Online tutoring as the name signifies is getting tutoring with a tutor but on the web. It is very beneficial as it provides children with the sense of self-motivation in learning things.

Unemployed? Should You Take an Entry Level Job To Make Ends Meet?

If you are one of the millions of men and women who are currently unemployed, there may come a point in time when it seems impossible that you will land a well-paying job. This may also be the time in which you consider taking a low-paying entry level job just to make ends meet. This is this a good


Glossary of United States Military words and phrases – – THREATCON BRAVO

What Is the Average Salary of a Special Effects Makeup Artist?

Special effects makeup artists are trained experts in the application of cosmetics and prosthetic devices to create a specific look for their clients, particularly in the theatrical, motion picture and television industries. These creative artists may have formal training or they may gain their skil

How To Write Your CV With No Work Experience

While searching for jobs, many first time candidates fail to measure up to the work experience requirement by many employers. However it is worthy noting that lack of work experience should no longer

Sporty's Complete Pilot Course Review

Well, fortunately for you to get a pilot's license when there was a lot easier, I was all mine. Indeed, the desire not to have any excuses.

Knowing How To Find Engineering Vacancies

Engineering professionals of all experience levels and specialities are often looking to advance in their field and make their mark on a particular industry.

6 Things You Should Know About Pathologist Jobs

Do you want to become a pathologist? Pathologists often are known as coroners or medical examiners. Learn more about the career of a pathologist, and how to become a pathologist.

Mature Workers - Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Your Own Biggest Asset

Mature workers in western economies are facing a perfect storm of rising unemployment, collapsing pensions and investments, increasing costs of living and age discrimination in the workplace. But we have hugely valuable and unique strengths and experience which we can easily overlook. And if we forg

How to Become a Quantity Surveyor

This article contains advice on how to become a quantity surveyor. It lists price structures, qualifications, positives and negatives, contacts and a summary of the job.

How To Write And Answer A Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluations are generally done to evaluate the job performance of an employee of the respective company. This process is generally conducted by the employer of the company to ensure that t