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Wheel Anatomy 201: Beads and Flanges

Welcome to Wheel Anatomy 201: Beads and Flanges. Today we will be reviewing the various structures located on the outer barrel of the wheel. These structures will include the drop center, beads, mounting humps and flanges.

Tire Size & Rim Guide

To the uninitiated, the numbers an letters on the side of your tire may be only slightly less confusing than Greek alphabet soup. However, they're not difficult to decipher once you know the basics.

It sucks to breakdown on the motorway

Breakdown cover has two very prominent public icons, usuallywhen it comes to breakdown recovery you immediately think of the Orange van of the RAC or the Yellow AA patrols vans. The AA & RAC have ...

How to Replace a 1996 Dodge Caravan Headlamp

The headlamp on the 1996 Dodge Caravan is a wrap-around lens that extends from the clear headlight on the front of the mini-van to the orange turn signal on the side. As a result, when you remove the headlamp, you are removing the headlight and turn signal, since both lights are one piece of molded

How to Adjust the Headlights of a 1998 Ford F-150

Adjusting 1998 Ford F-150 headlights can be a challenge because of the way the lights are housed in the vehicle. There is an adjustment screw on the underside of the headlight that is very difficult to access while the headlight assembly is installed in the vehicle. Adjusting the headlights, therefo

How to Replace a Fuel Filter in a Chevy Avalanche

Replace the fuel filter in your Chevy Avalanche every 30,000 to 40,000 miles to keep the fuel system in optimal condition. A clean fuel filter means clean fuel injectors, and a clean fuel pressure regulator. Follow the instructions here to replace the fuel filter for a Chevy Avalanche that does not

Auto Parts - Your Vehicle's Heart

With the changing times and scenario, the world have undergone sea changes and the modes of commutation have also transformed. Earlier people used bullock carts to travel from one place to other which took days to reach even a few miles.

How do I Mount Tires When Replacing Only Two?

Your vehicle's tires have a major responsibility of keeping the vehicle owner and occupants safe during transportation. They must perform, gripping the road and keeping the vehicle stable on a true track line during all weather conditions and over varying road surfaces. Some owners can afford premiu

How to Talk to a Body Shop to Get Paint Fixed

Auto body repair shops work on all external, non-mechanical components of cars, including headlights, bumpers, door panels, quarter panels and hoods. Painting car replacement components or mending scratches in a paint job is routine work for most body shops. If you need to have the paint on your car

How to Check the Transmission Fluid in a Lincoln

Transmission fluid is necessary to cool a vehicle's transmission and to ensure that it shifts properly. You should check the transmission fluid with every engine-oil change, being careful that the transmission is not filled with too much fluid. An excessive amount of fluid is just as destructive as

Door Lock Actuator Instructions

Door lock actuators are small electrical components housed inside a car door that provide the kinetic energy necessary to lock and unlock the door. The actuator has a small piston inside that either ejects or retracts depending on the circuit input from the power door lock system. This action moves

How Do I Bring Back the Original Color Paint in My Car?

If your car paint is faded and dull, there is still hope for it, particularly if it is an older paint job that does not have a clearcoat. Over time, automotive paint oxidizes from exposure to sunlight and becomes scratched and dirty from the elements. Even if your car has a clearcoat, you may be abl

How to Safely Store a Battery Indoors

For vehicles you are storing outside, and are not planning to use for long periods, you may wish to remove the battery. The most important issue when storing is to be sure the battery is fully charged. Allowing a battery to remain even partially discharged for extended periods can reduce its life. T

Advanced Diesel Technology

In an industrialized world, machines provide a wealth of conveniences to humanity. In many cases those convenience come at a cost. For instance, the negative results which stem from the high consumption of natural resources (most specifically crude oil) and the impact of that certain technologies (l

How to Change Your Headlight on a 2004 Galant

The headlight bulbs in your 2004 Mitsubishi Galant are easy to access from within the engine compartment. If a bulb burns out on your car, replace it yourself at home and save a repair center bill. Your headlights are an important factor in your visibility during low light conditions so you should n

Local Auto Repair Shops: The Best Place To Get Your Car Repaired

Cars are one of the most valuable assets. Therefore, it's very important to take your car to a local auto shop for repairs and maintenance. Here's an overview of the most essential aspects to consider when looking for a local auto shop for repairs and servicing.

How to Install Hoses on a Carburetor

Most carburetors have four hoses that must be properly installed for the carburetor to function properly. One hose allows extra gas to drain from the carburetor, one hose allows the air into the carburetor to mix with the gas, one allows the gas to flow into the carburetor and the last hose allows t