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Scrapbooking Layout Ideas for Teachers

Teacher scrapbook layouts express the joys found within a teacher's heart. These pages unlock a love for teaching, spending time with children and watching students meet new milestones. Showcase paper crafts that the children give you and highlight pictures of memorable activities and other events t

How to Use the Stone From a Family Heirloom Ring to Make a New Engagement Ring

People choose to reset stones from heirloom rings for a variety of personal and practical reasons. Personal taste, a more practical setting or a more flattering setting are all reasons to have a stone from a family heirloom reset. If the heirloom stone is damaged, selecting a different setting posit

How to Make Your Own Jumble

A word jumble, also known as a word scramble, can provide a way to exercise your brain. In a word jumble, a person is given a list of words. Each word appears with the letters out of the correct order. Those completing the puzzle must rework the letters to form the correct word. Whether you are a te

Candy Corn Activities for Kids

Starting at the beginning of October, candy corn candies are available in almost every food store. When planning games for a Halloween or fall party, create a few activities that include the sugary kernel candies that everyone can enjoy. With some creativity and inexpensive supplies, you have all yo

Video: Quick Valentine Crafts for Kids

Video Transcript Hi there. My name's Jessica Delfino. I live in New York City. I love making crafts, and I'm actually part of a craft group here called CrAftermath. You can find us at Today, we're going to work on making a fun, easy, quick craft for kids. So,...

How to Make a Viking Longship Boat

The Vikings were the most powerful people in northwestern Europe from the ninth through the 11th centuries. Powered by both sail and oars, Viking longships were ideally suited for raiding, since their build could navigate shallow waters like rivers and estuaries. The Vikings traveled from Norway eas

Types of Spherical Shaped Telescopes

Many, if not most, commercial reflecting telescopes have optical systems that use a spherical mirror, called the primary mirror or primary. A spherical telescope mirror is a concave mirror whose surface forms a section of a sphere. Reflecting telescopes use concave primary mirrors to reflect light s

Crafts for Women to Make

There is something to be said about creating something from nothing or turning the old into something wonderfully new. Creativity allows for self-expression. It evokes an intense feeling of self-accomplishment and pride. Also, you don't need to be a crafts expert to participate. You can create craft

Adding a Pom Pom to a Scarf

If you would like to add a fun touch to a scarf, try creating a pom pom. This fashionable embellishment is made from yarn that is wrapped around a cardboard square, and is sewn in place on the scarf. Pom poms are also an ideal way of using up leftover yarn from a craft project. Make pom poms in cont

How to Decorate Altoid Boxes

Decorate Altoid boxes for a fun project on a rainy day, or just when you are feeling the need for a creative boost. These little boxes make a quick and simple gift for anyone. They can be personalized and customized to match any theme, design or color. Use these boxes to decoratively organize small

Art Painting Tips

Novices to the world of painting might not realize that a great deal of attention to detail goes into each painted canvas. Learning how to work with your paints and your canvas helps to create the perfect painting. Following basic art painting tips enables you to create art pieces you can be proud o

How to Modify Jewelry with Pliers

In the jewelry industry, there are four different types of common pliers. Each type of pliers has its specific purpose. There are several tools that can be used when making jewelry, it simply depends on how detailed you wish your jewelry to be. Making jewelry can be a fun craft to take up, especiall

How to Weave on a Wood Loom

Learning to weave on a simple wood frame loom is an easy first step to entering the world of weaving. Making wall hangings, rugs and place mats will help you learn how to warp the loom correctly and to create the proper tension in a piece as well as learning different weaving techniques and pattern

How to Sew a Blind Hem Without the Blind Hem Foot

A blind hem is one that shortens the bottom on a skirt or pair of pants but cannot be seen from the outside of the fabric. If you want to sew a blind hem on a sewing machine you will need a blind hem foot. Fortunately, you can sew a blind hem by hand. If you do not have a blind hem foot for a sewing

How to Build a Wooden CD Holder

Cant’ find a shelf large enough for all your CDs? Building your own CD holder for that out-of-control music collection is easier than you think. With just a couple of boards, three dowel rods and a few simple tools you can tame that collection in two days. Up to 56 CD jewel boxes will fit on e

How to Make Your Name on a Friendship Bracelet

Friendship bracelets have been a trendy project for kids for generations. It is inexpensive, and there is no limit to the ways a simple friendship bracelet can be customized. Crafters make them by tying colored thread or string in rows of knots to create a pattern. Adept crafters can make shapes, pa

How to Cut a Large Star From Standard Poster Board

Large poster-board stars can make eye-catching decorations or signs, and cutting them out is simple and fast. The best way to get the outline of the star onto the poster board is to trace around a paper template--you'll get straight lines, good proportions and no erased goofs. There are printable st

Video: How to Draw Benches

Video Transcript Hello, my name is Greg McKinney, and today we are going to be drawing a bench. I'm going to use a straight edge just to get my lines perfectly straight. So, we are just going to start by drawing the top. And that will be the top of our bench. And then we'll draw the...

How to Make Metal Wrench Chimes

This project sounds weird, but the tone of these chimes is quite nice. Use box-end wrenches for a pleasant-sounding ring.

How to Create Dioramas

A good diorama captivates a viewer because it implies a story or catches a moment in time through its details. Countless options exist and materials will vary according to your personal desires, needs and your access to supplies. However, the principles of diorama making apply to professional museum