YouTube Video Stalls in Firefox

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    Connection Problems

    • YouTube contains low, high-quality and high-definition videos that require a sufficient amount of bandwidth to view. YouTube recommends a broadband connection with a speed of at least 500Kbps in order to stream videos properly. Faster speeds are even better especially for streaming high-definition videos. Unfortunately, slow network connection such as dial-up are incapable of handling YouTube content, and are more likely to cause stalling and buffering problems. If you're using a network connection that doesn't meet the minimum requirements, contact your Internet Service Provider and upgrade to a faster network connection.

    Browser Problems

    • In order to watch YouTube videos smoothly, your computer must meet YouTube's minimum requirements. According to Google, the following browser meet those requirements: Firefox 1.1 or later, Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, Safari 1.0 or later, Google Chrome, or Opera. Newer browser updates contain bug fixes and tools that can improve streaming speed, so update your browser as often. In addition, Adobe Flash Player is the default plug-in YouTube requires to stream video. If the player is outdated, corrupt or damaged, your video may stall if you first don't run into a Flash Player error. If the Flash Player isn't working well, uninstalling and reinstalling it may solve buffering and stalling problems. Occasionally, stalling problems might be caused by your browser cache. According to Google, if an incomplete copy of a video got stuck in your browser's cache while you were watching it, you have to clear your browser's history, or it won't fully load.

    YouTube Server Problems

    • Every minute, there are countless users searching for, uploading and watching videos on YouTube. With this level of demand, the site occasionally experiences server overloads caused by high traffic. High traffic times may vary depending on the day; however, if this is the case, there isn't much you can do except wait for the site to resume normal operation. Google says that they are constantly working to increase servers that can handle the insatiable demand for entertainment.

    Tips and Recommendations

    • If the video you're watching continues to stall, pausing it will allow the bar to fully load, so you can play it smoothly. While this will mean waiting a little longer before watching the video, it may be necessary, especially if the site is experiencing heavy traffic. If you're still experiencing difficulty, contacting YouTube support for additional troubleshooting can be helpful especially if the problem is on their end.

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