The Great Internet Marketing Scam

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Here's the thing and the reason for the great internet marketing scam.
How many times have you seen headlines like this? "Laziest Way To Make Money Ever Invented!" "Click Here To Make Tons of Cash Just by Giving Away Free Information and Resources" "Proven Simple System Shows You How To Start Making Real Money Online From Scratch...
In Just 7 Days Or Less!"
These are just a few examples of the thousands of offers on the world wide web which contain outrageous and unrealistic promises backed by iron clad or cast iron guarantees.
It's enough to make you sick and if you didn't believe in the great internet marketing scam before chances are you will if you try any of these programs.
If there is one thing internet marketing isn't, it's the laziest way to make money ever invented.
It takes focus, commitment and a lot of hard work.
You have to be prepared to go the distance; acquire new skills and knowledge, make mistakes and learn from them.
Don't expect to make money online in 7 days starting from scratch unless you can invest in paid traffic and get the system right.
99% of people won't and will lose more than they make.
The good thing about most internet products is that they offer a refund if things don't work out.
However, most guarantees exist because people are still reluctant to ask for refunds.
When they try something and it doesn't work they tend to blame themselves rather than the system.
Many so called internet gurus continue to peddle systems that made them rich but no longer work.
They now make their money selling the systems rather than using the techniques.
So is there a great internet marketing a scam?Well the over the top sales letters don't help but on balance the potential is genuine.
It is not easy but with hard work anyone can succeed.
Internet Marketing is still one of the most exciting business opportunities of all time.
But like anything else in life you need to spend time learning the ropes.
When you learn to drive you pick up the basics pretty quickly but it takes several months to develop road sense.
The same is true of internet marketing.
You need to put in a certain amount of work upfront in order to develop the equivalent of road sense.
In developing these skills you will build a solid foundation and gradually a money trickle will start.
You won't make thousands over night but pretty soon $1 per day turns into $2 in to $3 and so on.
When you learn to drive you go to driving school.
This is the quickest, safest and lowest cost way of developing the appropriate skills.
How long would it take you without an instructor?The same is true for internet marketing.
So, before you get started, or, if you have started, but are considering throwing in the towel do yourself a favor and develop "road sense".
Find a great instructor or training program, learn the basics and you can be confident that with focus and application you can make a living online.
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