How to Get Your Student Loan Dismissed

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If you have many student loans to eventually pay, and you are skilled in a particular field, then your loans could be dismissed by the government and won't have to be paid off.
These particular fields change annually, and are usually selected according to the supply and demand of professionals in that field.
For example, special education teachers are exempt from paying their loans if they are employed in that field for at least a year.
Another good example is the nursing field.
There is a very large demand for nurses these days, many more than the supply could fill.
For that matter, many different types of teachers could qualify for dismissal of their loans.
Also orderlies and nurse assistants.
The health care industry is in high demand for experts in many different fields.
To apply for getting a student loan dismissed, the applicant can get a form from their loan administrator.
The loan office will also need proof from the college and/or workplace that they indeed are pursuing the particular field.
So if you are working and still in school, you could be eligible to pay off all your loans, subsidized or not.
You need to check with your loan officers first however.
Loan providers have lists of jobs that are in demand where loans can be paid off by the government.
Those jobs such as special education teachers and nurses are of great value to the government, so they are quite willing to pay for their education.
If you feel you may be eligible for release of your loan obligations, please contact your loan office right away.
It costs nothing to check, and could be worth thousands towards your education.
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