Automatic Transmission Problems: New Products Return Their Smooth Shifting Ways

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Automatic transmission problems: New products When your transmission acts up, after performing flawlessly for years, you wonder what it indicates.
And perhaps, what it might do to your budget, already under attack.
And your schedule - for a week or so while your car is in the shop.
A $2500 is average for repair of most cars.
It may be that new automatic transmission products with problem-solving capabilities can come to your rescue.
These run under $100.
They are not an overhaul, but do end the problem and provide years more dependable service for the budget conscious car owner.
While traditional additives in part stores and quick lubes are usually solvents and detergents, or contain ground ceramic, or particles of Teflon-like material, they offer little or no help for today's real problems in your transmission.
About: your transmission.
Automatic transmission problems and help from new products.
While you might not think so, your transmission has been under attack from day one! In fact, in the couple dealerships I worked in, and the many I go to, you'll find every 3rd car or 4th car is getting transmission repair.
For no reason I ever could see, there is no reason for the engine to outlast the transmission, but many do.
Additives now help both overcome problems helping to double their life time, while putting off the need for repair.
In any case both have similar negatives that speed up their downfall.
Acids, temperatures hundreds of degrees above what oil can withstand, friction, and sticky residues are prime enemies of both.
You would think that the oils recommended are there for those reasons - not entirely so.
Automatic transmission problems causing rough shift.
When your transmission is new and clean and every part smooth, it does not take much to keep wear at bay.
However, in time shift valves become dirty and stick - the sticking causes' hard shift when finally, enough pressure forces the valve to move, allowing fluid to do the gear shifting, but with a roughness.
Friction and acids pit and roughen your gear and bearing parts and becoming resistance creators - instead of a smooth shift, you get a hard one.
Acids come from the sulfur in motor oil and transmission fluid.
Half the additives in oils are to keep the lid on sulfur and other nasty's still floating in your motor and gear oil; who later set up your hard shift problem.
More help is needed circulating inside your motor and transmission.
How new automatic transmission additives working as a problem solvers solve your problem.
A new breed of special Transmission Treatments contain residue removing, acid neutralizing, and conditioning cleaners, along with friction modifiers and protective's.
Those provide what's needed to end your transmission problem.
One company, Mega Power, uses these new, High-tech automatic transmission problem solving products in a simple 2 step treatment.
They are near 99% effective ending rough shifting, jerk, bang, and even the converter clunk that occurs at 45 miles, so dreadful to feel as the final shift occurs.
Mega Powers Transmission problem solving method is simple and driving does the actual fix.
When delivered, you get 3 items.
Easy-to-follow Directions, even phone help, if needed, and the Do-it-yourself way is the common method for most car owners.
A cleaner is installed into the old fluid.
10 minutes later, the dirty fluid is removed and new fluid install, along with the 2 remaining products.
Driving in a short time forces the chemistry to free and smooth, then coat worn rougher surfaces.
Those actions by the product's ingredients restore the original cleanness, smoothness, and easy moving characteristic you thought was loss.
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