SEO With Firefox - Monitor External Links

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Firefox is a popular web browser and search engine optimization (SEO) is a popular term to describe activities related to website ranking in search results.
One of the reasons for the popularity of Firefox is the availability of a huge number of add-ons.
For every imaginable task there is an add-on available.
You can upgrade Firefox to a professional web development platform or keyword analysis and SEO tool.
One of very important aspects of the off-site optimization is getting as many backlinks as possible.
Every link to your website tells search engines that your website has something related or interesting.
Links are also a backbone of the PageRank algorithm which assigns a number to each web page.
This number is a direct reflection of the number of links and popularity of the page.
Unfortunately, there are two types of links.
Every link can be marked with the "nofollow" tag which means that Google will not follow (visit) the target page and this link will not contribute to the PageRank of the target page.
This means that nofollow link is worth much less than a normal one.
The main problem with links is that on the page display in browser there is no difference between them.
From the link itself you can not see if it is a no follow or do follow link unless you check page source.
This is a huge drawback of browsers when doing SEO and searching for backlink opportunities.
Luckily, there are many Firefox SOE add-ons that have the ability to display nofollow links in a different way.
One of the most popular Firefox SEO extensions is SeoQuake.
This is a complex add-on providing many functions needed for website optimization.
It has also the ability to line-through "nofollow" and "noindex" links making them easy distinguishable.
With this option turned on as soon as the page loads you can spot any link with such tag.
SeoQuake has also functions to list internal and external links.
This list includes also information about the nofollow attributes.
Another add-on that supports marking of nofollow attributes is the Quirk SearchStaus add-on.
It has the ability to highlight links with attributes.
Both add-ons can also display the PageRank of the displayed page and many other important parameters for website optimization.
While nofollow links are pretty unpopular for SEO, you should never ignore them.
They will not contribute to the PageRank calculation and Google will not follow them, but users will still be able to reach your website.
This also counts.
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