The Unbeatable Advantages of Network Marketing

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Are you considering a home-based business opportunity? Due to an unstable economic climate, many Americans are doing just that.
However, there's usually a "fly in the ointment.
" The problem is that most people don't even know how toevaluate a business opportunity, much less begin the start-up process in earnest.
And, that ignorance is really not their fault.
Why do I say that? Because it's easy to show that the ignorance stems from the curriculum offered by our "modern" educational facilities: Starting with grade school and continuing on though college, we have been trained to become excellent employees-but not entrepreneurs! We learn to become doctors, lawyers and engineers, but not how to start our own businesses.
So I congratulate those hardy souls who want more from life, and want to break free from the pack.
More than congratulations though, I have some good advice for you: Look into, then get into Network Marketing! Why Network Marketing? Because if you're looking to start a business-especially home-based- you have very little to lose, and a great deal to gain by joining a Network Marketing company.
In fact, I firmly believe that the advantages are unbeatable.
To see if you agree, study the following list of advantages that most Network Marketing companies offer:
  • Low start-up costs.
    You can join most companies for under $1000; and I'm talking about a turnkey opportunity, with complete support and training provided by the company.
    Compare that to the high cost of purchasing a franchise, or even starting a "mom and pop" enterprise.
  • High income potential.
    I'll cover this aspect in a future article, but most people can earn more in Network Marketing than they earn at their current job-and do so in half the hours!
  • You can work part-time to start, 10 to 20 hours at most.
    If you want to, you can stick with this schedule indefinitely.
  • You can keep your regular job for as long as you want to.
    No need to quit until or unless you want to.
  • You'll have continuous access to expert consultants for the life of your enterprise.
  • Your company will continually maintain a Research and Development Department, so they can consistently produce superior products for you and your customers.
  • Your company will handle all the administrative work for you; in most cases, they will do so for about $25 per year.
    This includes: providing compliance standards for every country in which they operate, shipping all products to your entire network and collecting the money, paying commissions to everyone in your network, tabulating the results and paying your commissions!
  • This business model is heartily endorsed by many financial giants, including: Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, David Bach, Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy.
    These lavish endorsements make it easy for you to promote your business.
    By the way, Warren Buffett also thinks highly of Network Marketing-he has actually purchased a Network Marketing company!
  • Success in Network Marketing comes from working smart and working hard; you can earn much more than those who entered the company years before you, if you do a better job.
  • Best of all in my opinion: no office politics, no seniority, no age-discrimination, no downsizing.
    Your company doesn't care whether you're 90 years old and infirmed, or 20 years old and a model of human perfection.
    They will pay you based on performance-period!
Can you think of any franchise or other business model with so many advantages? Neither can I.
And that's why I believe, if you're looking to start a home-based business, you must find a Network Marketing company that resonates with you-and join! Of course, there's more to it than just plunking money down; Network Marketing is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.
But if you stick with it and learn some new skills, then it's possible to build a financial fortress around you and your family, no matter what the economic climate.
Don't wait.
Check out Network Marketing today.
It really is that good!
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