How to Replace a Blinker Switch on a 1995 Blazer

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    • 1). Set the steering wheel so the wheels point straight ahead. Turn the ignition to the lock position, and remove the airbag fuse. Unplug the Connector Position Assurance connector, located at the bottom of the steering column, before doing any work. If you skip these steps, you will risk the airbag deploying while you are working.

    • 2). Turn off the lockout feature on your audio system, if it is equipped with anti-theft protection. Disconnect the battery cable from the negative terminal of the battery.

    • 3). Remove the steering column cover by turning the screws on the cover counterclockwise. Keep the screws separate and in a safe place for re-installation.

    • 4). Turn the Torx bolt on the turn signal switch counterclockwise to remove the switch from the steering column. Unplug the electrical connection once the switch is disconnected from the steering column.

    • 5). Install the new blinker switch, and reconnect the electrical connection. Turn the Torx bolt clockwise to secure the switch to the steering column.

    • 6). Reinstall the steering column cover, and tighten all screws. Reconnect the Connector Position Assurance connector.

    • 7). Reinsert the airbag fuse into the fuse panel, and reconnect the battery cable to the negative terminal. At this point, you should be able to start the vehicle and test the new switch.

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