How to Hang a Net for Stuffed Animals That You Sewed on Your Own

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      A clean wall helps secure hooks for a longer period of time.Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

      Determine where you want to hang the stuffed toy net. Remove dust and dirt from the wall by cleaning it with all-purpose spray and paper towels. A dirty wall surface will cause suction cup or adhesive hooks to fall off prematurely.

    • 2). Secure two of the hooks to the back side of the net, with each one positioned one foot away from the center. If you're using suction cup hooks, rub a drop of cooking oil onto the suction cup to keep it moist and help provide a longer-lasting contact. Secure the first two hooks to the wall, with each hook located a foot away from the corner where the two walls meet.

    • 3). Attach the two remaining hooks to the front corners of the net. Affix them to the wall in the same manner as you did the first two hooks. Stretch the net away from the wall and up, slightly, before affixing the hooks. Securing the front of the net a couple inches higher than the back helps keep stuffed animals from spilling over the front.

    • 4). Place the stuffed animals in the net.

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