Learn Chinese with the help of a Practical Start

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Did you know that Chinese contains more than 2,000 times more characters than the English language? As one of the world's oldest languages Chinese can be a difficult task to study but in no way at all difficult if you begin sensible

Chinese is a vibrant language with more than 50,000 characters, the four tones, pin yin and so much more which you will certainly need to learn. Do not worry you only need at a bare minimum 2,000 characters to properly read a newspaper. Let's get off to a smart start, great start.

How can we get started discovering Chinese the expert way?

1. Get a do-it -yourself training course: a home training course which is ideally portable in an audio format such as mp3. Getting a training course that you own will enable you to study Chinese anytime and wherever you want at any time.

2. Free Options: There are various free resources on the Internet to practice the Chinese that you are learning. Notice I did not point out learn. Though resources such as online Chinese boards, chat groups, pen pals and more are fantastic ways to practice they are not at all a replacement for learning Chinese from a course simply because you will invest hours and days putting together the breadcrumbs.

3. Tools of the trade: Learn to make wise use of publications such as magazines and newspapers to broaden and keep your vocabulary fresh and up to date

4. Practice! Found a hot tip on learning Chinese, don't write it down! Do It! incorporate that idea into your routine for learning Chinese and you will be learning Chinese significantly faster as compared to anyone simply reading a book. One tip that I make great use of is singing to stretch my vocal cords so that I can pronounce the four tones.

Talking with a native speaker is one of the best ways to ramp up learning Chinese. When talking with a native speaker you will be practicing learning Chinese which is in use today, discover slang phrases not commonly found in programs and avoid the mistake of english accented Chinese that can drastically alter the meaning of Chinese phrases.

Learning Chinese is a big accomplishment really and quite impressive too. Just learning Chinese means that you can speak to a billion more people than before, Travel to China and be aware of so much more about a nation that is rapidly becoming more and more important on the world stage.

Now you can learn Chinese fast and savvy. Practice learning 2 or more phrases a day and you will know in a year more than 700 words and half way there to knowing the 2,000 plus characters to read a newspaper. Have fun!
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