How Not to Quit in MLM - The Four Major Rules to Go by For Success!

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A Story About Network Marketing Success I want to tell you a story about Mark Yarnell who was a minister in Texas.
He was facing the loss of his car and home through bankruptsy and needed a solution.
He found network marketing and a wise sponsor.
His sponsor gave him four rules which he called the price of the promise.
First the promise: "This can create financial freedom in one to three years.
" Second the price: You must face 4 major obstacles in order to succeed.
Mark agreed to these rules and obstacles.
Mark began to invite friends over to his house for a presentation video.
There were 80 that said not interested.
That was the first Obstacle: He encountered rejection.
He was warned about that.
So no problem.
He still had more that he could show it to, 120 had agreed to come over.
Unfortunately only 70 actually came.
He just found out about obstacle: which was deception.
Again he thought, My sponsor has warned me, so I knew about that.
Forewarned, is for-armed.
Again he thought I have those 70 that have watched the presentation, out of those 57 said they were not interested.
Now here is where many would say okay, lets forget the whole thing! Not Mark! Mark had learned now about Obstacle 3 which is apathy.
Mark was undaunted, He knew he still had 13 that had agreed to sign up.
Again another obstacle 12 left the business right after the presentation without giving it a chance! Bringing us to Obstacle 4 which is the hardest one to understand, called attrition.
Mark only had one serious distributor to work with, but that one person that was serious is worth at least $40,000 or more each month.
What does that teach us? Persistence, Faith, Keep doing it don't give up! Let me tell you about Bill! Bill is a top-earner of Amway from the early days.
He has been featured on a well-known Television documentary.
He was the last interviewee of a whole list of people telling why it doesn't work! They had to accept that network marketing works as they interviewed him in front of his beautiful home all paid for by his work.
There really isn't any special secret.
You simply show it to as many as you can, I can give you more stories and more numbers, I think you get the idea.
All the stories would all carry the same theme.
There are two things to learn, one its a long-term play, its not a get rich scheme, but then if I made a promise to you that it was, you wouldn't believe me.
Its about several things, getting the good mentors, systems and tools to do this for a long time, having the dream that is bigger than whatever sacrifices and disappointments you might experience.
Understanding that not everyone is "hard-wired" to do this, some just will not see it no matter what.
Having a "Whatever it takes" attitude and discipline.
No only means maybe, and we don't have to take it personal, they can change their mind, we just move to the next person.
(Mark Yarnell big earner in Nu-skin, leader and motivational speaker) (Bill Britt legend in Amway)
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