Mary Kay Leads - How To Succeed As A Mary Kay Consultant

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For most distributors, generating quality Mary Kay leads can be a very difficult and time consuming task.
But with some simple sales and marketing training you can easily produce enough consistent leads to take your business to the next level.
So let's take a look at the various ways to find leads for your business.
Friends and Family Most network marketing companies, including Mary Kay recommend that you begin your business by contacting your friends and family members, also known as your warm market, and exposing them to your company line of products through home parties and one on one presentations and to see if they would have any interest in starting a business of their own.
Perhaps you may pick up a few retail customers in this manner but in the long run you are probably not going to produce a significant income.
Should You Buy Leads? So what happens when you run out of your warm market? Where do you go to find new Mary Kay leads? Well, one suggestion is to purchase MLM opportunity leads from a lead generation company.
If you are comfortable cold calling and can find a good quality lead generation company you may be able to recruit a few distributors.
However, be prepared for a lot of rejection and low success rate.
You also must be sure that you are earning enough return to at least cover the cost of your leads.
Can I Do This? When prospective distributors are looking at your Mary Kay business opportunity, they are generally asking themselves these simple questions, "Can I do this?" and "What will it take for me to be successful?" Most prospects will look to see how you are building your business and if they think that they will have to cold call strangers, you will most likely not sign up many distributors.
Remember, you want your business to be duplicatable and you need to help your new distributors become successful as quickly as possible.
So What Do I Do? As previously mentioned, you will need to develop some sales and marketing skills in order to generate a steady stream of Mary Kay leads.
So how do you do this? By finding a leader or leaders who are already successful in network marketing and duplicating what they have done.
In other words, success leaves clues.
These successful people do not even have to be Mary Kay distributors and you will find that they are more than willing to offer you their training and support.
There are many people that have become millionaires through network marketing so it does work.
The number one reason most people fail is because they give up after going through their warm market and getting few results.
The ones who are successful in this business are the ones that take it seriously and never give up.
You have decided to start your own business so you need to take the time to educate yourself and do whatever it takes to create the financial wealth you truly deserve.
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