Internet Marketing Tips - The Correct Way To Promote An Affiliate Product

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I have no doubts that I am going to get a lot of slack for this article, but that's okay.
I live in Jersey and I'm used to the heat.
What I am about to share, as an opinion, is going to be met with many growls and snarls.
If you want to know why, you'll understand as soon as you're finished reading.
I make no apologies for my views on this subject.
Promoting an affiliate product means promoting a product that isn't yours.
Somebody else created it.
Now, think about this for a second.
You're telling other people to go buy this product that you didn't create.
You're essentially recommending it to these people.
What do you base this on? If your answer is, "Because I got the product myself" then give yourself a cookie and a gold star.
THAT is the correct answer.
I can hear all the affiliate marketers out there screaming at me right now.
"Oh come on Steve, I can't possibly buy every product out there that I want to sell.
I'll go broke.
" Will you? Think about how stupid that statement really is.
If you buy a product for $97 and you get 60% commission on it, all you have to do is sell two copies to make a profit.
Are you telling me that you can't sell two copies of something that you have used, think is great, and rave about to others? If that's the case, then maybe you should be in another line of work.
The truth is, the most effective way to sell any product online is from the perspective of the buyer.
Think about when you go and see a movie and you tell your best friend that you just saw this really great movie.
How many times have you done that and your friend went to see the movie? Well, why not do the same thing and actually get paid for it? However, if you're dead set against buying the product, try this.
It does work.
Contact the creator of the product and ask them if they would send you a copy to review because you want to promote the product for them.
Many merchants will be happy to give you an advance copy if they know they can get a few sales.
Ultimately, the same goal is accomplished...
you have the product, know what it's about and can write about it intelligently.
All my affiliate marketing is done this way, which is why I am one of the top 20 affiliates for many of the products that I sell.
Nothing beats the personal approach.
To YOUR Success, Steven Wagenheim
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