Democratization of Science and Technology in its Implement

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The achievements of Science are profoundly impressive. Science has contributed much towards the human welfare. The impossibilities of the past have turned into possibilities of today. Science is a great gift to humankind in countless ways.

Its fruits are not reaching the common person, especially in the areas of agricultural and food-generating processes. The huge distance between the Lab and the Land is not shortening.

The Science is branching away into new disciplines day by day, like Biotechnology, Biometrics etc. For instance, take the Biotechnology. It is a sustainability science providing theoretical foundations and a number of practical strategies for changing the world certainly.

Genetically Modified:

We are hearing the phrase very often it is certainly a result of new research. The food genetically modified is the topic of global debate today. Is it safe to consume? It is a hundred dollars question. No common person is quite aware of its effects, bad or good. This is the actual gap between the lab to the land and to the common hand.

Today the man himself is a commodity!

Abuse of Science Innovations coupled with non-ethics of commerce is the threatening menace to the humankind at present.

Development of Science should not be augmented. However, its fruits should not be used for selfish mottos. Human selfishness is the destructive weapon, which is more powerful than an atomic bomb. In highest order, the gigantic form of human selfishness is the supra-national selfishness, led by the bloody international politics.

Truly speaking, neither the Science nor the Scientist is the root cause for the curses of science. However, politicians and the states are misusing and abusing Science and creating a dangerous and fearful atmosphere over the world. After not all, a scientist can go against the motto of selfishness of the Power, generated by insatiable desire to ameliorate and most comforted.

Science can give us comfort but not happiness. However, the problem of human happiness is the problem of desire. It holds good for the nations also.

 Having proper scientific temper in combination with the democratization of the technical-knowhow only can solve it. The lack of scientific temper is the main reason for all the detrimental effects in the life of an individual, a nation, or even at the international front.

Today Science is mainly used to achieve physical comforts and exuberant luxuries. The scientific temper is lacking in desensitization of problems and in coordinating the core changes and their mutual interactions and inter-relations. Science, Righteousness and the vision are not the separate. Science when implemented with righteousness results in better vision. When integrated, they lead the man, races and the nations with full awareness of healthy scientific-attitude.

Every person must grow this attitude; especially those who are in political realm, who can regulate the human life to be better and safety, such people can use the technologies and innovations in a proper way to the prosperity of the posterity rather than destruction.

In other words, democratized carry out of Technical Knowhow and Innovative Technologies guided by proper scientific-temper and attitude proves to be the stepping-stone for the harmless existence of the human race.

Concluding, it is to say that the average person as a consumer of goods and services, just wish to have them of good quality and safety. Even though the aim is to do business with the people, the multi-nationals should think over for the safety of consumer goods. For example, we have faced the havoc of pesticides in coca cola. What may be the area or what may be the level, the results of lab researches have to be reflected in preparing the consumer goods more reliable and worthy, especially in the fields of drugs and pharmaceuticals, canning of food products etc. There must be some ethics for commercialization of empirically proven products of safety and services of quality a minimum guarantee should be provided.
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