Diwali - Festival of Lights, Victory and Freedom

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Diwali or "Festival of lights" is an occasion of Joy, prosperity and brightness.
Diwali is a significant festival for Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains.
While in Hinduism, Diwali signifies victory over Darkness, Diwali marks the attainment of nirvana by Mahavira, in Jainism.
Sikhs often represent Diwali as a "Day of Freedom".
For Hindus, Diwali is a five day extravagant affair.
Dhanteras, the first day, is considered auspicious to buy Gold, household articles and specially utensils for kitchen.
On this day, People gift "golden leaf" as it signifies prosperity and luck.
Choti Diwali is the day when Lord Krishna killed Narakashura and freed the world from fear, according to the Legend.
Laxmi Pooja or the actual Diwali is celebrated with a Pooja dedicated to Goddess Laxmi.
Padwa is dedicated to the household cattle, where a pooja is done for them and are fed with goodies.
Bhai Duj is a special day for siblings where the Brother visits the Sister's house to celebrate the day with them.
Diwali day starts with an oil bath, after which everyone wears new clothes and sits down for a pooja of Goddess Laxmi.
The whole house hold is lit with diyas in the evening and everyone, adults and kids alike play with crackers.
Diwali day also sees lots of cashew studded milk sweets and other sweets.
Friends and relatives visit each other to share wishes and Diwali Gifts.
Diwali is often associated with giving Diwali gifts to all near and dear ones.
As Diwali is associated with prosperity, the Diwali gifts are often in Silver and Gold.
Diwali is the festive time where you shower all blessings and wishes to your friends and relatives.
Diwali Gifts include silver statues of Gods like Ganesh, Laxmi etc, beautiful wall hangings, Silver coins and Gold coins among others.
On Diwali day, friends wish one another by gifting flowers, dryfruits, sweets etc.
Sweets form the integral part of any happy occasion.
Diwali and Sweets are synonymous with each other.
Rich Diwali Sweets define maximum happiness sharing among friends and family.
Be it a single piece of sweet or a whole box, when shared both sweetness and happiness are shared.
Diwali emphasizes on the Joy of giving and sharing like all other festivals.
This festival is celebrated not just in India, now but is a global festival.
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