Website Creation - WYSIWYG Web Editors For Your Online Business

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Part of the process in getting a basic web page online is creating the content.
This can be done on your PC by using a web editor which can be downloaded.
One type that is very popular is the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web editor.
o Little HTML to learn - The advantage with WYSIWYG web editors is that they are really easy to use and requires little knowledge of HTML.
Beginners who have little technical knowledge will find them invaluable.
They are easy to use and work just like a word processor so if you are familiar with windows software you should be fine.
o Fast and easy - You can create a good looking page quite quickly once you've learnt the basics.
You can experiment with images, colours, layouts and make changes without the need to be an expert in website design.
This is perfect enabling you to concentrate on the marketing while being in control what you put on the web.
o Software - There are many editors around on the internet that are available to download.
For a complete novice who is starting out, I would recommend Kompozer which is a free download.
However, if you don't mind spend a few hundred dollars, the highly rated editor Dreamweaver is also worth considering.
Learning to create a website is a important skill to acquire if you want to be successful making money online.
Practice makes perfect (as they say), so download one of these editors and experiment.
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