Romantic 1st Anniversary Gifts for Him

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    Recreate Your Wedding Menu

    • Your groom's focus was all on you, with everything else, food included, an afterthought; romance him on your first anniversary with a recreated wedding feast just for cake image by Werg from

      Of all the decisions in wedding planning, menu choosing is often one of the most demanding; couples typically invest considerable time and energy to coordinate wedding feasts that best incorporate their favorite tastes and reflect their personalities. When the wedding finally arrives, however, the bride and groom are often too in demand to savor their labor's fruits; before they know it, the reception whizzes by, and they've barely had the chance to taste a thing.

      At the end of the day, though, chances are his poor tummy will be emptier than yours; while the bride likely has a whole team--bridesmaids, mothers, and, yes, the groom himself--bustling about to deliver her choice treats and ensure she's adequately sated, he's as likely left to fend for himself.

      Your first anniversary is, therefore, the prime time to surprise him with the wedding feast he never had! If you can cook and are up to the challenge, whip up the menu highlights yourself for a home-cooked extravaganza. Alternatively, you can treat him to an authentic replica of your reception's intended indulgences at your wedding venue itself. Either way, it's a guaranteed recipe for a deliciously romantic first anniversary.

    Honeymoon Redux

    A First Anniversary New Pet

    • They call it puppy love for a reason, folks! Up the cuddly romance factor on your first anniversary by giving him a rescue pup.puppy image by Alex White from

      Surprise him on your first anniversary with a pet you know he's always wanted (a rescue, if possible). Dress up your new pet with some sort of reminiscent keepsake from your wedding, such as a bow tie, garter or small floral bouquet. Your gift will not only thrill your giddy hubby (now a proud pet daddy), but will also be a romantically symbolic renewal of your marriage vows: your new pet is literally a new life to love as you embark on the rest of your shared lives together, a challenge and a promise to be embraced by the two of you as one team. Plus, for those couples with babies on the brain, introducing a third (albeit non-human) family member into your intimate love shack is a wonderful starting point.

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