Make a Personal Website - Tips For Unique Flare

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Though many personal websites serve a duel outlet of being both personal and a business endeavor, a personal site itself, is a mirror of the intent of it's creator.
  There lies the cause, the creation and presentation, near and dear which is the core of a personal site, and better still with some tips for unique flare.
A personal site requires format A personal site need not span the entire width of the page.
  It should be constructed with space on each side of content, clear navigation in the left column, or if you prefer, across the top of your page.
  Your site should follow the basic foundation of being open, and light with an easy flow of content.
  Aptly it should contain Informative, original and unique delivery reflecting your personal interest, hobby, or cause.
Add your personal commitment To explore the object of your passion, you need to expose your personal commitment.
  Gather your visitors to the fold, that they might be informed, find reference, and awareness of new and innovative courses of action, and old tried and true traditional means of support and personal insight.
  Present unexplored remedies for resolving crisis, and the grace of lofty expectations.
Make it with flare Create your personal website with an ultimate resolve to stay the course.
  Make your site with a slant that enfolds avenues yet to be explored.
  Add your personal presence, the aura of your soul, if you may.
  Keep the flare to never let the value of your cause get lost in stale copy, an obscure mission, or creative abandonment.
  Easy to tweak Create, and maintain your personal website yourself, with easy accessible web editors, requiring no tech skills.
  Keep your site easy to revise, update often and  tweak with symbols representing your personal message, contacts, links, reference, and request for support of worthy endeavor.
  Add a widget, a chunk of code to copy/paste into your webpage, that can contain polls, facts, news headlines, games, and other tidbits of relevance and diversion.
Though a business site is made with this solitary intention, over time, the personal website has became somewhat intertwined with the circumstance of the business site.
  And with this charge, the personal site seeks recognition, to be found, to sustain and be deemed creditable.
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