Wealth Affirmations - A Way to Relieve Stress and Help Your Pocketbook

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It's hard to avoid hearing about the recession, ponzi schemes, bank failures and all around economic gloom and doom.
Media gravitates towards bad news and the last few years have provided many stories for them to shine their light on.
On a personal level, many people have taken some pretty strong blows over the last few years.
It doesn't take long to realize that listening to the news isn't going to help you sell your house faster, boost your portfolio or get you a raise.
How do you deal with the stress of your current financial situation without continuously focusing on the negative? What we focus on expands.
Stated another way, what we think about most is creating our future.
If you are obsessing about how you don't have enough money, will never get out of the hole, will never get a better job, you are probably right.
Understanding the power of your own thoughts is a great first step, but how can you turn this around? Affirmations are a powerful tool in helping you get your thoughts under control.
Fortunately, you cannot have two conflicting thoughts in your mind at one time.
You cannot think that you are wealthy at the same time as thinking about being broke.
Our brains do not work that way.
On a very simple level, positive affirmations give your mind a break from the loud and endless negative thoughts that can bang around in your head when you are under stress.
Repeating a phrase to yourself that is positive and soothing stops that negative chatter and redirects your thoughts in a positive direction.
Think about a child having a nightmare.
When their mom or dad comforts them, they repeat simple, positive statements over and over until the child calms down.
It's only a dream.
You are safe.
Repeating positive affirmations to yourself has the same effect.
Wealth affirmations are a wonderful tool to use to help relieve your stress.
They also help counter the negative comments that we are inundated with by the media, co-workers, friends and family.
Create several wealth affirmations that are easy for you to remember, and that feel really good when you repeat them.
Repeat these affirmations when you feel anxiety creeping in.
Allow yourself to feel really good when repeating your wealth affirmations.
Know that you are giving yourself a much needed break from the stress as well as paving the way for a wealthy future.
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