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Direct Selling is the most powerful way to distribute products and services to information-overloaded consumers in the twenty-first century.
As a profession, it can either be the most exciting or a nightmarish experience.
It can be the most rewarding or least rewarding journey.
To succeed, there are critical to success factors that should and must be learned, developed, and practiced.
It must be executed by every member of the team anywhere, anytime, and in any situation.
The principle is, 'Give them a worthwhile cause and they will be willing to die for it.
Every human needs a compelling purpose for living.
The higher the purpose, the more they will devote their heart, mind, and soul to fulfill it.
What greater purpose is there in life than to know that we have one short life to live, and to therefore, make full use of it.
What bigger cause can there be than to change the world for us and our future generations.
There are three great equalizers: education, technology, and enterpreneurship.
Those who don't know, can know.
Those who don't have, can have.
Those who have a lower standard of living, can have a higher standard of living.
We can change the world, one person at a time, one family at a time, one office at a time.
If you subscribe to this cause, they will learn how to live a passionate, meaningful, and fulfilling life.
Direct sales is not just a business.
It is not just about making money.
It is a revolution.
It is a calling.
It is a way for us to change the people around us, and make the world a better place to live, work, learn, and play.
Let's do it!!! 2.
Many direct selling teams fail not because the business is unprofitable but because members have lost faith in the team.
That's why we must decide, right from the beginning, to set a high standard of ethics, morality, and honour.
The principle is, if people don't know what you stand for, they will not follow you.
If they don't trust you, they will leave you.
However if they respect you, they will become committed, discipline, and productive members in your team.
You need to create a foundation for service, advantage, and growth.
Build a wise, loving, and respectable family.
If leaders are wise, they will build a large, productive, and growing team.
If the team is flooded with love, the team will be united and will attract others to join.
If everybody seeks to be respectable, our revolution will last for a long time.
Therefore, we should always ask ourselves the following questions: o Will our action earn respect? o Will our action build lifelong relationships? o Will our action bring about positive results? o Will our action help to achieve lasting greatness? Let's set a high standard and be the model for direct selling industry.
Let's earn the respect of our clients, distributors, and the world at large.
Go for it!!! 3.
What is direct selling? It is a leader build leaders who build leaders who build leaders...
Who should first be a leader? Please say, 'Me!' If you are an outstanding leader, there are absolutely no reasons why you cannot succeed.
As a leader, you must also build leaders who can build other leaders.
You must also be an outstanding follower.
And the highest achievement is to be a servant-leader - one who leads by serving others.
The more leaders you have, the stronger your organization, the better your results, and the more fulfilled you become.
Let's build an organization of leaders NOW!!! 4.
To build a great team, we need to invest in every human.
When you invest in a life, you live the best of life.
You need to be about maximizing potential, enhancing performance, and reaching the highest level of achievement.
First you need to learn...
and learn ...
and learn...
This benefit alone should gives you, and everyone of your members adequate reasons to be a lifelong learner.
A great resource for this learning is SkyQuestCom.
To learn more, you need to inspire others to learn.
When you coach, you enjoy the best rewards from the learning experience.
It not just about talking, but walking together with your leader in the journey of learning, growth, and results.
I call it an 'I Do, We Do, You Do' experience.
You are the ultimate model.
First, show them the way.
Then work with your leaders to achieve the best results.
Finally, ensure they can do it on their own.
Please provide freedom for your leaders to soar in life.
Our wish is that you do even better than us, just as we hope your leaders can take you and all of us to a higher level.
When your member feels that their lives have been transformed for good,they will forever be grateful, develop an interdependent win-win relationship, and support you to achieve outstanding success.
Who is the first person you need to invest your time in? Who's next...
and next...
? Give them your best!!! 5.
Nobody abandons a positive friend.
Everybody wants to belong to a community of friends - a community that bonds closer than a family.
One of the greatest fulfillments is to be a part of a global family.
Aim to build an extraordinary family that not only bonds with everybody but also attracts others to join.
Together, we can immerse our family in love.
Love is the most powerful force in the world.
We will proactively share, care, and show our concern.
We will do it generously, continuously and graciously.
When we have to speak, it will only be words of life.
In addition, we will promptly remove all 'energy vampires' from our team.
There will be warmth, fun, excitement and dynamism in our team.
When that happens, how can we not soar? How can others not want to follow us? How can we not begin to take action today? 6.
In direct selling, there is an over-emphasis on making money, oron it being aget-rich-quick scheme.
This is a great fallacy.
There are many non-financial rewards; some of which we have mentioned, that may be even more important than financial rewards.
Being able to learn, grow and achieve better results, in a loving environment, and being able to contribute to a worthwhile cause will provide a more lasting sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.
Like any business, we should emphasize that our distributors should not expect immediate financial returns.
In fact, sometimes when we enjoy quick profit, we may negate the experience of learning how to build a long term, sustainable, and growing organization.
That's why most experts in direct selling believe that it takes 3 to 5 years before you can be assured of a stable, ongoing and increasing income.
You may need to go through a challenging learning process before you can take off.
Instead of focusing on the income, focus on coaching your member to develop the right attitude, acquire the necessary knowledge, and build the resources and skills to achieve lasting success.
Please make this journey an enriching, educational, exciting, and empowering experience.
As a result, in due time, the financial and non-financial rewards will increase at an exponential rate.
Will you commit; and make your members commit, to develop such an experience? 7.
Every human needs to be challenged and should be challenged.
If motivated correctly, they will rise to a higher level of achievement and fulfillment.
A productive member will always deserve such an environment, and value such an environment.
As a leader, you need to spend time to understand your leaders.
Identify their unique dreams and goals and help them to discover their calling in life.
The beautiful thing is that we can always be a partner to anybody in helping them create a positive, worthy, and desired future.
Work with your leaders to develop systems, communications and steps to live an extraordinary lifestyle.
When they sense your sincerity, sacrifices and initiatives to hear them, they will be more committed to help fulfill our calling to revolutionize the world.
Do it for every leader and for the rest of your life.
And you will be greatly blessed beyond your wildest dream and imagination.
The above seven factors are absolutely imperative to develop a model for excellence, a model that is built to serve, designed to last.
Focus on each of these factors on a specific day of the week.
Develop systems, resources, and communication processes to make it a reality in both your life and in the lives of every member of your team.
Share it with others.
Live by it.
And ensure that your members do the same.
Turn your team into a model of lasting greatness.
Take action now!!!
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