Website Marketing Makeover - Don"t Let Sunk Costs Sink Your Profits

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A service professional we'll call "Harry" realized he needed to review his online marketing.
We began working together.
We went through his business in considerable detail.
We came up with a unique selling proposition that became his Fab Factor - the hidden factor that makes his service fabulous.
His service is hardly unique, but we were able to establish that he can stand out from the pack by highlighting his background, which is unusual for his industry.
He also came up with a new program to deliver the service faster and more smoothly than the competition.
That was three months ago.
Harry knows his website still isn't working.
"But," he says, "I have to live with it.
I invested so much time and money.
" Ouch.
We've all been there.
I've been there too.
My issue wasn't so much about money, but about the fact that everyone recognized my original logo.
People at networking events said "Oh - that's so cute! I will remember you.
" My original logo included a picture of a sleepy cat.
But people who greeted me at conferences didn't "get" what I was doing.
Additionally, I began to get involved in social marketing.
People loved my tweets and posts, but a few of them were puzzled.
"Is your site about cats?" they would ask.
Time for a change.
I knew it would be painful but I followed the advice I give my own clients, biting the bullet and investing time and money.
Harry made a different decision.
He knows his site isn't working.
Visitors don't know what he does or what value he can bring to their lives and their businesses.
They can't even figure out what he does and how to reach him if they want to make an appointment! But he invested a lot of money in his present site.
(He won't tell me how much.
) He's smart: he knows that he's not being logical.
He tried to say, "I don't have the time," but we talked about fast, cheap solutions - such as a simple WordPress site.
We could get his new site up and working in a few days.
Cost? Well, for $500 or less we'll get a customized, high quality site.
As Harry grows his business and makes money, he can invest in a more sophisticated site.
He can invest confidently because he will have a better understanding of his own value proposition and he will know clients will pay for what he offers.
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