Only Sneaks Use a Network Marketing System For Leads

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The network marketing system is a sneaky approach to lead generation.
Notice, it has nothing to do with being dishonest.
But it's definitely not the average "take a look at my business" approach.
See, on the front end the network marketing system presents things completely differently.
It provides real help and training for other people and their business.
That is exactly how the lead generation part works.
I'll trade you the secrets to growing your business and making money on the internet in exchange for your name and email address.
Sounds like a great trade, doesn't it? Actually, that sounds like a great deal.
One of the biggest factors in why people fail to make any money with their business is a lack of solid training.
Being aware of the many marketing methods available is one thing, knowing how to use them is quite another.
And now we get to the sneaky part.
As you load the person up with value and training you begin to build a relationship.
They begin to expect and rely on your advice and help.
You become the expert and leader in their eyes.
Even if you are not making those training videos or writing those e-books, you are providing a place where they can get them.
Each and every email they receive has none other but your name on it.
As that relationship begins to grow and develop trust is born.
You are in the perfect place when that begins to happen.
This is the place that the network marketing system comes in and presents them with your business.
They have come to know you and trust the information and training you provide, to the point of relying on you for that training.
Now your business is viewed as a solution instead of just another proposition.
You are not selling something to that person, you are simply providing help to them in the form of a business opportunity.
Now, this still might not sound so very sneaky to you.
Keep in mind though that what is happening here is psychological in nature.
Rather than being a peddler in the marketplace trying to make a buck, you are presenting yourself as a friend and helper.
People often watch commercials dozens of times without ever really paying attention to them.
But when a friend says the product or service is great the person will pay attention and even consider it.
Imagine that you are looking for someone to fix your car.
You hear about three people that can do the work for you.
But, one of those people come highly recommended by a good friend of yours.
If you are like most people you will completely ignore the facts and figures and trust that if your friend got good results, you will too.
Mike Dillard, in one of his training videos, said that the easiest way to sell a drill to a person is to teach them how to make a hole.
Nobody starts the day off thinking that they need a drill.
They start off thinking that they need to make a hole.
So then your job is not to sell a drill, your job is to teach them how to make a hole (on the sneaky side you also suggest that your drill will get the job done better than any other).
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