Selecting a Boxer Dog Breeder

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When you decide to buy a purebred Boxer there are some things that you should look for in the breeder.
You need to do your homework and choose a reputable boxer breeder.
Some of the things that are important are the conditions that the puppies are living in.
Does the breeder give the dogs affection, good shelter, nutritious dog food and clean water? The puppies should be able to get exercise, socialization, vet care, immunizations, and grooming.
Check out the breeder extensively, do they belong to a national breeder association? Does the breeder abide by their breed clubs code of ethics? These are some important points that you as the buyer should know.
If the breeder is reputable they will want to know about you also.
Will the puppy that they are selling be going to a good home? They will want to know about your family, neighborhood, your schedule, and the time that you will have available to care for your new pet.
A reputable boxer breeder will not sell to anyone that they see as unfit.
A responsible Boxer breeder will want to educate you on the breed that you are buying.
They will encourage you to have your Boxer spade or neutered.
A good breeder will offer support to the owner for the life of the pet and will disclose information about the "puppy lemon law".
They will also be willing to take the puppy back if the situation does not work out for you.
These are just a few of the things that you should look for in a reputable boxer breeder.
It is very important that you buy your next boxer from a responsible breeder that takes care of their dogs.
You never want to buy from a puppy mill that mistreats their dogs.
And just a side note, many of the pure bred dogs that you see in a pet store come from puppy mills.
Of course they would never tell the potential buyer this information, but most reputable dog breeders will not sell to a pet shop.
So look out for poor breeders while you are searching for your perfect Boxer.
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