5 Easy Ways to Make Money From Your List

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Building an opt-in list is very crucial to any affiliate internet business online.
Having one can be the difference in whether the business makes money online or not.
Why is an opt-in list so important? It allows any internet marketing business to market products using e-mail.
Yes, email is still a viable method of conducting an affiliate internet business online.
Opt-in lists work because the opted in subscriber consents (agrees) to receiving a newsletter or emails from your internet business.
As stated above building a list is crucial.
In your attempts at building your list you will find that only a small percentage of the people that visit your advertising efforts will actually take the time to fill out your an opt-in form and become a subscriber to your list.
However, those that do subscribe become your partners in business and your future customers.
Everyone knows that in order to make money online, you have to sell something.
Yet someone comes along and says, "I'd like to try and make money with internet marketing.
" Then that same person will complain because he gets promotional emails.
Yet if he wishes to succeed online he will have to send out promotional emails - the very thing he is complaining about.
Everyone that is involve in internet marketing needs to insure that they don't abuse the tools they are using to make money online.
At the same time, those of us that are using the tools should not complain that others are using them also.
Email is a tool of the trade, so don't complain when you get a promotional email.
You will be sending them to your list also.
Just make sure that you publish a good newsletter and promote quality products.
Over time you will see your opt-in list grow and your readers will come to expect good information from you.
Also, make sure that the content on your site is quality content.
When people come to like what they see and trust your input, they will read your email and visit your site/blog.
Make sure your newsletter is good and use it to attract your readers back to your site or blog.
Here are five ways to make money using your opt-in list.
Send advertisements.
Send advertisements for your own products and also advertisements for your affiliate products.
Find joint venture partners and exchange advertisements with them.
Make sure that the advertisements that your JV partner uses leads to a site that builds your opt-in list.
You are leveraging his list to build your own, so you want the people on his list to see your opt-in box.
Don't be afraid of adverting, it is the name of the game.
Allow others to advertise in your newsletter.
Make deals with other internet marketers by allowing them to place advertisements for their products in your newsletter.
If you have a large list this can add to your efforts to make money online.
Set up a method to track the sales made from your newsletter.
When the other internet marketer records a sale from someone on your list, you will receive a percentage of the sale price.
Sell ebooks.
You can sell ebooks that you have developed.
You can take a compilation of the articles that you have sent to your list or placed on your blog and turn them into and ebook.
You will find that manuals and how-to ebooks are always in great demand.
Another option is to sell other internet marketer's ebooks.
This is normally done as an affiliate marketer.
An option that is also very profitable is to sell ebooks that have resale rights.
You buy the resale rights and then you can resale the eBook and the entire purchase price is yours.
You don't have to share it with the product owner.
Find and use as many traffic methods as you can.
By using as many traffic producing methods as you can work into your business, you will expand the potential to get new subscribers.
You can even ask your current subscribers to invite their subscribers to view your site and subscribe to your list.
The idea of traffic is to grow your list as large as possible.
This will increase the possibility that visitors will see your sites and click on your links and view your advertisements.
Send content to your list.
Sending emails that have advertisements in them is fine and expected: after all you are involved in internet marketing.
However, from time to time send your opt-in list some good content.
You can send them a high quality article that will help them in their marketing efforts.
Maybe you could send them a free eBook that will help them build their own affiliate internet business online.
This will help you in your efforts to build a relationship and trust with your subscribers.
There are many ways to make money with your list.
Since you have to start somewhere, why not take action and start building your affiliate internet business online using your opt-in list.
Build your list now and then use it.
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