Submit Directory Links To Climb Search Engine Results

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To submit directory links that will further optimise your search engine results, plan to submit directory links that go beyond your home page. Creating unique quality content will convince the directory editors that you have earned your rightful inclusion from your directory submission request into the proposed directory category.

When you submit directory links, you are contributing to the wealth of your website. The wealth is in the backlinks. Each backlink from a directory submission enriches your website, particularly the page it is directed to. The page that receives the wealth reaps the benefits. With an eye for careful investing during your directory submissions, you can submit directory links from multiple pages of your website and build a healthy portfolio of your website for the search engines to review.

Although many directory submission forms suggest to submit a URL from your home page, most directory submission forms make exceptions to that suggestion. Several directories allow you to submit a deep link from your website to their directory if there is relevant quality content. When you submit directory links from your home page and deeper pages, you further clarify the value of each page in your website, and this contributes to the search engines valuing your website as a whole. Therefore, it pays to develop the content of each page for search engine optimisation before you submit the link for directory submission.

Each web page that you are considering to submit to a directory should be optimised for your site-wide keywords and page-specific keywords in your headers, title tags, meta tags, anchor text, and of course your articles and other content. Making a secondary page as valuable as a home page will increase the total worth of your website.

Once you optimize your pages and begin to submit directory links for your home page and sub-pages, you can monitor your deep link ratio. A deep link ratio is an unofficial assessment of your deep linking contributions. Quite simply, the deep link ratio is the factor of your total deep links divided by your total incoming links. Internal linking is subtracted from the equation prior to its final factorization. A higher deep linking ratio represents a more valuable website since the search engines recognize the combination of home page and sub-page back links as a sign of a content-worthy website for their users. As you submit directory links that refer to valuable back links, your deep link ratio and search engine placement will rise.

A deep linking ratio is not an absolute determinant in popularity or search engine placement. A corporate statement from a major search engine clearly states that there are literally over 500 million variables and 2 billion terms that are used when valuing a website. However, it has been proven that quality back links play a significant part in the valuation. When you submit directory links to your sub-pages, you are mastering more of those 500 million variables than your competitors.

A submit directory link strategy that involves optimising your website's sub-pages for quality back links from carefully planned directory submissions builds up your website's portfolio for the search engines. A website with well-distributed back links from quality directory submissions and a healthy deep link ratio will grow to be a strong contender in the search engine result pages. To submit directory links successfully, first develop strong content on your linked-to sub-page. Your website will be rich in content, rich in back links, and your effort to submit directory links for deep linking will provide you with a wealthy return.
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