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An attractive place

Masca is not the most popular village on the island that hosts the Teide National Park, but it surely occupies an important second place. If you spend one of your vacations somewhere near it, make sure you visit this attractive place located in a spectacular, picturesque gorge isolated from anything related to civilization. People consider it to be the prettiest village that you will find in Tenerife, so offer it some of your time, as I am sure that you will love it!

The beauties in Masca

Masca attracts tourists with its spectacular old stone houses that seem to look out across the tall, imposing palm trees towards the amazing views offered by the Atlantic Ocean. If you are an active tourist who just loves to hike, then you should go down the incredible gorge that follows its narrow path to the sea, as visiting the valley can be one of your most interesting and unforgettable experiences you have ever had. I am sure that you will understand how Masca managed to keep its spirit and aspect alive, exactly as it was centuries ago if you find out the interesting detail concerning its connections with the outside world: it was only in 1991 that Masca was connected with what means the outside world.

It is now understandable why Masca managed to keep its inspiration and original spirit alive. I am sure that you will be amazed how fertile are the soils of the valley, but I am also sure that what will amaze you is the number of the inhabitants: just around 100 people chose to keep spending their lives in Masca, always ready to welcome and treat the tourists nicely.

This means that many of the old stone houses are not inhabited, so they are vacant for those who want to spend a few quiet days up there. You should know that you can now reach Masca by car, but the road is a very sinuous, so difficult one. If you don't feel like you are an enough good driver, then you can use the public bus service or go on a guided hiking trip which has Masca as destination. Many choose Masca as a day trip, but there are a few accommodation options if you want to stay there. There are also a couple of restaurants that serve delicious local dishes, so make sure you try them! Enjoy!

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