How to Select a Futon

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  • 1). Find out if the frame has at least a five-year warranty, especially if you're buying one that operates as both a bed and a couch.

  • 2). Buy a futon with a mattress that's at least 6 inches thick. If the mattress is thinner than 6 inches, you'll probably be uncomfortable.

  • 3). See what the futon is made of - usually either cotton, a cotton-foam combination, a cotton-polyester blend or a cotton-wool combination.

  • 4). Purchase the heaviest mattress available - either an all-cotton mattress or a cotton/foam/springs mattress - if you're not going to move or roll up the futon very often.

  • 5). Get a futon made of cotton and foam if you're looking for a mattress that weighs less. This combination also holds its shape and doesn't sag.

  • 6). Try a cotton-polyester blend if you're looking for an even lighter mattress. It's flexible and soft and holds its shape.

  • 7). Think about buying a cotton-wool combination if you want a supersoft mattress. But keep in mind that cotton-wool is not very flexible.

  • 8). Consider an innerspring mattress made of a spring unit that sits between layers of foam and cotton. It's flexible and gives the feel of a traditional mattress. However, it does weigh more than the cotton and cotton-combination futon mattresses.

  • 9). Lie down on the futon and spread your weight out evenly to check for comfort and support. Make sure the futon isn't lumpy.

  • 10

    Choose between a trifold and bifold frame. A trifold is folded twice and uses the width of the mattress as the couch. A bifold is folded once and uses the length of the mattress as the couch, providing more seat room.

  • 11

    Ask the manufacturer if the frame is made from southern yellow pine, which is ideal for futon frames because it's very heavy and durable. Most other types of pine and wood are too brittle to withstand the daily wear and tear a futon endures, and they don't hold up as well.

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