Border Collie Training Essentials

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Border collies are extremely intelligent and smart dogs.
Due to their intelligence, they highly seek challenging tasks to solve.
When they don't find anything to do, they become bored and turn out to be the laziest dog.
So, it is necessary that you keep your dog busy in some task so that they don't get bored.
There are some tips by which you can keep your Border collie from getting bored.
As you can't spend 8-10 hours a day with him, you should maintain your time in such a way that you are able to bring productive and effective results in less time.
Just make sure that your Border collie has enough exercise so that he can lose his high energy and stay patiently.
This is the only effective way by which you can keep him from getting bored.
If you spend some time with him, then it will be better for him, physically and mentally as well.
To keep him busy in another way, you can teach some tricks to him.
Your Border collie can quickly grasp anything trained to him.
So, you have to prepare and plan for different types of tricks and teach him those tricks simultaneously.
Just like we get bored doing the same task each day, they also get bored if the same trick is taught to them each day.
There should be variations but consistency as well.
If you teach him different tricks each day in a consistent way, he can grasp those tricks easily.
While dealing with Border collie training, it is also important that you use positive ways only.
Even for his negative behaviors, you can treat him positively.
Instead of scolding and beating him, just ignore him if he comes up with some nasty acts.
When he sees that his activity is not pleasing you and you are ignoring him, he will stop that activity to attract your attention again.
Remember, Border collie training is not such a difficult task but the owners of the dogs make it complicated by implying their own strict and punitive measures.
So, avoid that and train your Border collie with positive reinforcement.
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