7 Things to Remember while Opting for a SAP Training Provider

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The latest craze in IT is opting for online training courses. The same holds true if you wish to learn SAP. Receiving training online is not only cost-effective, but you also have access to professional trainers. You can avail of these courses sitting in the farthest corner of the world. However, you have to choose the right SAP training provider for a rich learning experience.

You have to choose a SAP training course carefully so that you don't end up with unprofessional trainers. Inexperienced trainers do not have sound knowledge or expertise in imparting SAP lessons. Here are some useful tips to choose the right training provider online:

1. Check the Response Time

Most of these service providers have a ‘Register' page. Simply register with them to find out whether the provider responds quickly to any queries that you may have. If they respond quickly, opt for them. On the contrary, if they take their own time, then consider some other professional service provider.

2. Communicate 

Before enrolling for a course, have a one-on-one telephone conversation with them. Talk to them and ask questions related to the SAP course. Do not make the mistake of paying them beforehand without clearing your doubts.

3. Ask for Additional Server Access

After you have completed your SAP course, request for additional server access time for atleast a fortnight or a month.

4. Request for a Demo

You should always request for a demo before making the final payment. Enroll for the course only if you like the tutor imparting the lessons. In case you like the demo tutor, then ask for the same teacher to teach you throughout the course.

5. Check for Email or Phone Support

You should enquire if your trainer can provide you will some kind of email or phone support after the completion of the course. This is important for clearing additional doubts.

6.  Ask for Freebies

A professional training provider always provides students with freebies. These freebies are sample resumes, tips on interviews and mock interviews. You should always ask for sample resumes as that will save your valuable creating a professional resume. This tip is mostly beneficial for those are new to the module.

7. Ask to Pay in Installments

You should always pay in installments rather than paying the training fee as a lump sum. It is better to pay in two equal installments. This will help you to negotiate a bit later.  

Therefore, do watch out when you are opting for an online training course in SAP. Keep in mind the above facts.

You should be courteous with your SAP trainer. You should develop a good rapport with the trainer after a few weeks. If you are well behaved, the trainer might assist you even after the completion of the course to get your doubts cleared.

Be punctual when you are attending to the SAP training sessions. Never be late for the lessons. It might happen that the trainer is in the U.S. and you in Canberra. After the first sessions, issues related to time should be sorted out between the trainer and yourself.
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